How to Have a Successful Workout

Did you know that sweatworking is the newest trend for closing a sales deal? It’s no longer over a dry martini or a glass of wine. Now it’s working up a sweat at your favorite gym while giving your sales pitch to a client.

How to Stand

“Stand up and move!” No, that’s not coming from your fitness trainer at the cardio-barre workout. It’s your desk talking to you.

It’s Been Paid For

Years ago I remember approaching a toll booth at a bridge with cash in hand. “It’s been paid for,” the agent said. “Huh? Who?” I said. He motioned to the car ahead of me, which by that time had zoomed away.

Two Curve Balls at One Party

Every ten years my Jewish family has a reunion, mostly to see who’s still alive, but also to catch up with the latest births, marriages and divorces.

How To Live Debt-Free

Back in the day when Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem, taxes were a hated part of life, especially by the Jews. It reminded them they were subjected to foreign (Roman) rule, just like God had warned them if they did not obey and follow him.

How to Find the Love You Crave

The Academy Awards are scheduled for Feb. 22. It’s an extravaganza of glitz, glamour and vicarious living.
It’s the yearly idol parade on the famous red carpet where actors show off their fashion, give their two-minute interviews and pose in front of a zillion clicking cameras.
Let’s face it – even cynics like me like to watch the show.

What Kind of Heart Are You?

There’s a 68-year old man living in France with an artificial heart. According to Dr. Carpentier, the artificial heart’s inventor, the patient recovered sufficiently to go home from the hospital and is “pedaling like crazy” on a stationary bicycle.

The Ties That Bind

If you’ve grown up in a Jewish family or lived in a Jewish neighborhood or had a Jewish grandmother, then most likely Yiddish is part of your DNA. You probably grew up with, “I need it like a hole in the head,” or “All right already”, or “You should live so long”....

The Scriptures Win!

The Folio Society, a London based publisher of beautifully crafted hard copy editions of the world’s best literature, announced this week that a British poll voted the Bible to be more valuable to humanity than Darwin’s Origin of the Species. The reason—the British public believes the Bible “contains guidelines on how to be a good person.” 

Does God Like Social Media?

Face-to-face is the original social media. Conversations that used to take place over a meal or drinks after work is now happening on Facebook, Skype and Tweets. Whatever the delivery system, online gurus say it has to have at least these four components to be...

Yours Free: A Better Memory

According to a recent news report, US military researchers are developing a brain implant that could one day restore a wounded soldier’s memory and even tackle Alzheimer’s disease. Whether these researchers succeed at their goal will be interesting, but if...
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