Passover: A Journey of Faith

The First Passover set the Jewish people on an amazing journey with God. That journey continues today and it’s not just for Jewish people—God redeemed Israel so the rest of the world could be redeemed.

Your church is a beacon on that road to redemption, for those who have been following Jesus for years, to those who are
taking their first steps . . . as well as to those who have yet to join the journey. And there are so many ways to shine that light!

We would love to partner with your church to spotlight the gospel in a unique way. Passover demonstrates God’s powerful
love and desire to set people free—not just in the past, but today. Our Christ in the Passover demonstration illustrates His redemption in a vivid and personal way. No matter how far along your people are on their faith journey, lives will be changed.

We’re ready to answer any question you may have and to find a date that works for you!