Now certainly God could end all wars immediately. He could snap His fingers, so to speak, and that would be it. But we have to ask ourselves what would happen if God were to somehow miraculously end all wars today? What would happen tomorrow, or next week or next month? The problem is that before too long, we would probably see wars and bloodshed again pretty quickly because the real problem is within the human heart. So, the solution to the problem of war in the world is an internal solution more than an external solution.  What the Scriptures tell us is that we need to be reconciled to God, and each of us as individuals has to have peace with God before there can be any kind of peace on earth. As we come to know the Messiah individually and personally, we will experience God’s peace in our hearts. One day the Messiah will return to judge the world and to deliver his people; then he will usher in an age of peace and righteousness. However, before that happens, he wants to change your heart and the hearts of lots of other people, so we await the incredible hope of peace on earth. But first we need peace in our hearts and peace with God.


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