London England
London England
6 Central Circus
Hendon Central, London, NW4 3JS
United Kingdom
Phone: 44-207-267-5597
Fax: 44-207-284-0302
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About this Branch

Join one of our Witnessing Campaigns

We hold campaigns in London every couple of years witnessing to everybody we come in contact with but especially to Jewish people. These mainly consist of street evangelism ? handing out gospel tracts and engaging people in conversation. Campaigns usually include one or more events which we aim to invite people to. If you'd like to be involved in our next campaign in the UK, please use the Contact Us page

Become a Co-labourer in Messiah

A Co-Labourer in Messiah is a trained volunteer that represents Jews for Jesus in their community. Co-Labourers are required to go through an application process and to successfully complete the training course. They are asked to contribute 10 hours a month to the work of Jews for Jesus. If you are interested in becoming a Co-Labourer in Messiah please use the Contact Us page


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Staff List

Julia Pascoe Julia Pascoe Branch Leader, Minister
Rebekah Smith Rebekah Smith Missionary Trainee
Francesca Chin-Lewis Francesca Chin-Lewis Church Relations Officer, Administrative
Jenny Aguirre Jenny Aguirre Accountant, Administrative
Ziggy Rogoff Ziggy Rogoff Minister
Tony Metliss Tony Metliss

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