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About this Branch

Jews for Jesus is focusing a tremendous amount of attention and resources towards reaching the lost sheep in Israel. There are currently 6.2 million Jewish people in Israel and less than one percent of the population has accepted Jesus as the Messiah. Our organization exists to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide, and our Israel staff works diligently to reach the Jewish people in the Holy Land.

Israel has been a home to the Jewish people since God first promised it to the patriarch Abraham nearly four thousand years ago. After a forced exile that lasted nearly 2,000 years many Jews returned to the Land and the modern state of Israel was established in 1948. Jews for Jesus has been ministering in Israel since the 1980's with short-term teams, but in 1994 Efraim Goldstein helped to establish our permanent Tel Aviv branch office. After twelve years of building the work, Efraim transferred leadership to Dan Sered, a native-born Israeli who came to faith in Jesus while attending university in the United States.

With over 3.3 million people in Tel Aviv and its surrounding area, there exist more Jewish people here per capita than any place on earth. While Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv is often considered the nation’s cultural and commercial center; housing both the high-tech industry and the national companies of artistic performance. As most Israelis, including those in Tel Aviv, have little to no understanding about Jesus, it is vital that we have such a large presence in the nation.

We are on the verge of affecting change in an Israeli society that is unreached with the Gospel. I praise God that we have a unique and exciting team that works together in order to achieve this goal. Israel currently has the largest Jews for Jesus branch in the world today with multiple departments who are united together with the same goal of reaching the lost.

Hebrew Speaking General Missionary Team

Our General Missionary Team works day and night to get the message of Jesus to the Israeli people on the streets. Via weekly sorties, visits and cold calling, each missionary builds a caseload and follows up with those contacts who earnestly want to know more about Jesus. We meet in the homes or the local coffee houses of these people who are earnestly seeking and desire to know more about Jesus. In these meeting times we listen to where they are at, share with them further, and encourage them to read the Word of God. It is our desire that every one of these men and women will come to the realization of the truth and hope that is only found in Jesus, and many of them do come to faith.

The General Missionary Team also spearheads our Behold Your God outreach campaigns where we hope to reach thousands of people in a short amount of time. Every year we campaign in a different, strategic region of Israel, with the hopes of impacting all Israeli people with the Gospel; from the northern heights of Mount Hermon to the southern city of Eilat on the Red Sea.

Russian Speaking General Missionary Team

With large waves of immigrants from the former Soviet Union since the late 1980s, today over 20% of the population of Israel speaks Russian. Seeing the need to reach this huge segment of Israeli society, we, at Jews for Jesus, have recently helped in relocating two couples from the Ukraine in order to build a Russian Speaking General Missionary Team. Please pray for them to be planted as new immigrants in the Land, and that they may reach out and bring the Good News to the many Russian Speakers in our nation.

The Moishe Rosen Center: Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Moishe Rosen Center and its Young Adult Ministry Team is committed to serving God by reaching out to the Florentin neighborhood where it is located. By hosting art galleries and other cultural events we hope to provoke our neighbors with the message of Jesus. Our center also houses several regular weekly meetings of believers in the local Body of Messiah hosting different meetings for youth, girls, and Israeli soldiers, and a home group.

Every year, this team also hosts the Massah (Journey) program, which offers the opportunity for Jewish believers, ages 19-26, to join together in community as a team at the Moishe Rosen Center in Tel Aviv. Together we engage in Bible study, prayer, worship, Hebrew classes, creative outreach and fellowship. We brainstorm new ways to reach Israelis with the Gospel; employing design, music, art and the written Word. After five weeks in Israel, we travel to various sites in India to engage with the Israeli backpackers and use what we’ve learned to share the Good News.


At Jews for Jesus, we believe in continued growth and development for all of our staff. Our Training Department works with interns to introduce them to the lifestyle of a full time missionary. It helps to train up future missionary staff and visiting teams about effective ways to bring the Gospel to the Jewish people. It also encourages and oversees the ongoing study of our current missionary staff that they might grow into the future leaders that they are being called to be.

Please pray that the Lord will use us for His glory as we bring the good news of the Messiah Jesus to the lost sheep of the House of Israel:

Pray that the Lord will protect us our nation and people; that He may protect our families and staff both physically and spiritually

Pray that we may surrender more of our time to spend it with the Lord. Pray that this time will be fruitful and rejuvenating and cause us to be filled that we may pour out to those whom we reach

Pray that the hearts of the people with whom we engage will be receptive to our message; allowing us to follow up with them by phone and through private meetings

Pray that we may continue to have creative ideas and breakthroughs in reaching the people specific areas of our ministry focus

If you would like to receive regular updates on what is happening in Israel please write to us at [email protected]


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Staff List

Dan Sered Dan Sered Israel Director, Minister
Mikhail Vayshengolts Mikhail Vayshengolts Branch Leader, Minister
Vladimir Mitnitsky Vladimir Mitnitsky Tel Aviv Direct Evangelism Leader, Minister
Eli Birnbaum Eli Birnbaum Youth and Young Adult Ministry Leader, Minister
Chaim Birnbaum Chaim Birnbaum Outreach Worker
Dinah Turnil Sered Dinah Turnil Sered Minister
Yoel Ben David Yoel Ben David Head of Training - Israel, Minister
Ofer Levy Ofer Levy Minister
Peter Nasser Peter Nasser Minister
Yarden Nasser Yarden Nasser Minister
Tzachi Danor Tzachi Danor Minister
Sarah Danor Sarah Danor Minister
Valeriy Bolotov Valeriy Bolotov Branch Leader
Tatyana Bolotova Tatyana Bolotova Outreach Worker
Yulia Mitnitsky Yulia Mitnitsky Children and Youth missionary, Minister
Gefen Ridley Gefen Ridley Minister in Training
Shoshana Birnbaum Shoshana Birnbaum Missionary Trainee
Alexander Adelson Alexander Adelson Outreach Worker
David Minsky David Minsky Outreach Worker
Boris Skvortsov Boris Skvortsov Outreach Worker
Max Raev Max Raev Minister in Training
Sheer Raev Sheer Raev Minister

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