South Florida FL
South Florida FL
PO Box 670484
Coral Springs, FL, 33067
United States
Phone: 954-616-5050
Fax: 866-805-9125
To schedule a missionary to speak at your church call: (954) 607-1531 or schedule it online.

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About this Branch

The South Florida Branch of Jews for Jesus is more than just beaches and palm trees. It is a melting pot….not just because it can be hot, but because there are people from all different backgrounds and cultures. South Florida has at least 500,000 Jewish residents of all ages, and has several campuses. The three major cities are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. We engage with people in these cities and all the cities in between.

We like art shows, not just because we like art, but because we like to talk to other people who like art. You'll find us handing out literature and engaging people at those events, as well as music, sporting, and boating and air events to name a few. We also have a heart for campus ministry. Yes, there are people here under 55 years old! We are exploring creative ways to reach students with the good news. In addition to all this, we celebrate the Jewish Holidays and hope that you'll join with us in the celebration. We hold events for Passover and Rosh Hashanah, as well as others. If you want to be kept in the loop, please provide us with your snail mail and/or email address, and/or your phone number, and we'll make sure to invite you. We also have a place for volunteers. Perhaps you like to share the gospel, help with administration, web design, music, or something we haven't thought of. Please let us know! We welcome the help.


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Robyn Wilk Robyn Wilk Branch Leader, Minister
Lisa Smolowitz Lisa Smolowitz Minister

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