Truth in Question

If you agree that truth can't be voted in by religious majority or dictated by prestigious authority, don't miss this performance! The rhythm and rhyme of these heartfelt words point to truth in general and Yeshua (Jesus) in particular. Looking for a fresh way to invite people to consider the gospel? Please share this video!

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Reminds me of Propaganda's G.O.S.P.E.L.


Nice. Well done.

Nancy Williaims

This is powerful!!

Vera Levy

I would like a written copy of this!! It's very thorough.

Ruth Rosen

Thank you! I will email you a copy. You are very welcome to share it so long as authors name and copyright Jews for Jesus info appears, and no words are changed.

Melk Castro

You're great. Always reaching higher bars. Keep the good work.

Charlie Shugarman


Louie Hill

That's awesome!!!

pam weinstein

be careful please when you offer a choice
for we are told it is of the father
and not of our own self

Ruth Rosen

Quoting pam weinstein:
be careful please when you offer a choice
for we are told it is of the father
and not of our own self

Pam, we agree that salvation is of God and that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. However that has to be held in tension with the choices God gives us as human beings. Remember that Joshua said "Choose this day whom you will serve." We all have choices. Where there is no choice, there is no relationship, and God desires to have a relationship with us.

Ray Johnson

Ruth, You have artistically nailed what we believe.

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