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What’s new in Israel for 2016? The “Pro Netanya,” a surfing competition that will launch this year’s series of surfing events in Europe. Surfing has been a big deal in Israel since the 1970s, when an American introduced the sport. Israelis have been participating in the European competitions for some time, so it is exciting for them to be able to host this event in Netanya, (in the central region of Israel). If you plan to visit Israel between January 16-27, you might want to check out the beautiful white sand beach of Kontiki.

Meanwhile, don’t stop praying for Israel and our team there as they share the good news of Yeshua (Jesus). Events like this might seem to indicate a more positive European attitude toward Israel, but God alone can help this tiny country deal with the continual turmoil from within and without. More than anything, Jews and Arabs in Israel need to know Jesus to be at peace with God and one another.

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It is my understanding the Magi were not at the Manger when My Lord Jesus was born,
The Magi saw Jesus when he was already a Toddler (between 1-2 yrs of age) and this is why Herod instructed all boys ages 2yrs old and younger be slain.

The Magi were not Kings but, King Makers.
It is highly unlikely that three Magi traveled by themselves.

If all the above is true, why don't we (believers) tell it like it is?

Yours in Christ,

Bob Mendelsohn

Florence, I totally agree with you about the 2 year thing and the abundance of folks traveling with the magi, but historical accuracy is not my main contention with the blog/ discussion... I want people to discuss the baby and his life/ death/ resurrection.

Even if Yeshua were not born on 25 December, same thing. That he came is clear. Why he came is unclear to many. I'm trying to get people thinking along those lines. You know?


Bob Mendelsohn, You said in your blog ( They prefer not knowing that the little boy was in fact a Jewish baby born in the Bethlehem village stable). Brother, He was G-D ! Not Jew or Goy ! Only H-SHEM shed His blood for all , Jew and Goy. True Christians don't do tree's,ect. Jer.10:1-5 , Luke 1:26-38, Eph.4:5 . J4J's statement of faith is scary! No trinity of persons in scriptures! Col.2:9,1Tim.3:16! Just believe the word everyone not lies. Because Zech.5 is coming to pass. Judgment is coming! Zedicha Tefilah EL-HIM . Lam.3:21-26

Bob Mendelsohn

Sorry Kevin, that Jesus was God is not to demean his human birth as well. Of course he was Jewish; that's the whole idea behind the genealogical considerations of both Matthew and Luke.

Whether real Christians use Christmas trees-- that's not my concern. But your evaluation is way beyond the pale. Of course there are real Christians who have trees.

And is God a triune being? You betcha. Here's an interesting debate on the topic from Jewish Voice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xVkKkpo-lk

olive weitzel

Dear writer,
I am not Jewish, but from the scriptures I´ve learned that Christmas is a pegan feast. Because JESHUA never celebrated pegan feasts, I do no longer celebrate Christmas. I love JESHUA, so I want to celebrate the feasts HE celebrated: PESSACH, SHAVUOT, Rosh Ha Shana, Yom Kippur, Sokkoth and Chanukka! In the Bible are no birthday celebrations mentioned, only two of Gojim: Pharao and King Herod. Finding JESHUA means to me finding the truth!

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