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One of the best ways to be spiritually encouraged as a Christian is to see what God is doing in today's diverse Jewish community. That's the focus of our Jews for Jesus Newsletter, written for all Christians whether Jewish or Gentile. Each month you'll read a message from David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus. You'll also find reports from our staff around the world, prayer requests, teaching charts and articles…and what would our newsletter be without a cartoon every month?

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If you're Jewish and not a believer in Jesus and you've ended up on this page, you may wonder what the idea of "Jews for Jesus" is all about. In that case, be sure to visit our publication ISSUES, giving the perspective of Jewish believers in Jesus on a variety of topics.

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This month many Jewish people will join in mourning over an especially tragic date. According to Jewish tradition,Tisha b’Av—or the ninth day of the month of Av—is the date of destruction for both the first and second temples in Jerusalem.…

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I recently asked our Jews for Jesus leadership team to be intentional in finding ways to encourage one another, recognizing that we live in an age of cynicism. We agreed that we want to consciously guard against that culture seeping into our own hearts and communities, and to help one another remember that it “should not be so among us.”…

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