Choosing Between a Local Church and a Messianic Congregation

I appreciate my church. The pastor is a good preacher and he sticks to the word of God! The singles group is great. I have loads of friends there. But a Messianic congregation is being started a few miles from my home. I am really torn as to whether I should join that group or stay with my church. The leader of the new congregation is saying that every Jewish believer in the area ought to be committed to this Messianic congregation. Do you think that every Jewish believer should go to a Messianic congregation? What would you advise in my case? Incidentally, I have been a believer for four years.

Answer: I'm glad you appreciate your church. And I'm glad that you are interested in the Messianic congregation. But you don't say why you feel torn about choosing between the Messianic congregation and your church. Your pastor is a good preacher, he sticks to the word of God, you have a lot of friends within the church and somebody comes along and tells you that every Jewish believer should go to a Messianic congregation. Listen, if I were a General Motors dealer, I would teach that everybody should drive a General Motors car. What you don't see is that the leader of that Messianic congregation has set himself up in competition with the church. Where in the Bible does it say that you should belong to a Messianic congregation? And in what way is the church you belong to so lacking that you can do better? My advice is grow where you're planted. We like Messianic congregations. Most wouldn't try to get you dissatisfied with a congregation to which you are already committed.

Listen, when we stand before the Lord on judgment day, he's not going to judge us on how Jewish we were, but on how closely we followed the Messiah. Besides, if you belong to a truly affirming church, sometimes you can be more Jewish in a church than in a Messianic congregation. On the other hand, maybe this Messianic leader is also a good preacher, maybe he sticks to the word of God, maybe they'll have a large singles group, maybe you'll make many friends there too, and maybe the new congregation does need you more than your present church. Ask God. He'll show you.

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Very good article. Maybe one of the best,I can say, for such a dillema..


I love the way u answer the question. I quote your answer "grow where you are planted" is so true.


"My advice is grow where you're planted." this is not a good advice, while "Ask God. He'll show you." is better one.
"My advice is grow where you're planted." what then if you found out that your church is practicing an abomination? and because you are already a member this since your childhood you have to stick with them even with such vile practice like worshiping images? NO, right! Remember the Jews babtized by John the Yachanan? They were Jews and followed Messiah! Simon Peter, Matthew, Luke, Mark, even Saul later Paul remember their story? They left the wrong practice and followed Yahshua Ha-Massiach!

Ask God. He'll show you. WELL SAID


Rich Robinson

The article is assuming your church is healthy, as you'll see if you re-read it. Of course no one should stay in a church that is unhealthy or following unbiblical practices.

Brandon A. Black

One of my biggest concerns is what does the preacher say about the Sabbath? The Sabbath was the first institution that YHWH made. It is so major that it is included in the 10 commandments. If the preacher gives full acknowledgement to a 7th day Sabbath, does s/he also recognize the biblically mandated holidays?

Another thought is that, typically, Messianic congregations meet on the Sabbath and "Christian" congregations meet on the first day. Why not attend both?

Rich Robinson

Brandon, You'll find Messianic Jews hold varying views about festivals and Sabbath. You can find my view in the book "Christ in the Sabbath" ( As to attending services on both days, some do just that, though time constraints would make it difficult for many.

Darsey Kohl

you need to be where God wants you to be not people God might have you there so you can share your ways and enlighten the group your in. i am not jewish but i have learned so much from messianic jews you need to be the light there so the people can understand the bible from the jewish view believe me its a different view than what i was taught and it has opened the word of god to me in a way no pastor can.. go where the spirit of god leads you be a light to this world share your traditions and explain why ..


Since you are torn between the two, is God telling you to look into His Word for yourself? If so, you will see that He tells His children to worship Him on His day - the 7th day (the fourth commandment) - "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments". Which day do you worship is more important that which congregation. We are to keep the Sabbath holy and do His ways - not ours. Since my husband and I have been worshipping from sundown Friday night to Saturday night sundown, our lives have been blessed more than we have ever been blessed!


I have a friend that is in the church of christ. I'm a born again believer would believe that we are all christians in spite of denominations. I don't get into trivialities and disputes that are not clearly defined. I dont think that scripture was for his church alone but for the iniversal church. He thinks that if we have instruments in the church and use names other that the generic "church of christ" then we don't have the foundation to be called christians. I believe those things are up for further discussion...but he is still my brother. I want to know what our messianic Jewish brothers say about this.

Rich Robinson

Denise, Jewish believers in Jesus attend a wide variety of congregations and churches. Yes, this person is still your brother but you may need to agree to disagree with him.

Lucie Vaillancourt

Happy Shabbat to you; I'm a SDA Christian, since 2001
I was convinced to practice the Shabbat before I could you please help me find the closest one? It says in Rev. that in the New Jerusalem, we will Celebrate the new moons. I know they bring a new month, but I don't know enough about it. I believe it's trough a Messianic Jewish person I could learn more. May God Bless you.


Great answer to the where should I go to church. Glad to hear people say we should look to messiah!! Ty From louisville Kentucky!!!!

Amen dzomeku

Do you have a Rabbi that provides circumcision services?

Rich Robinson

Sorry, we do not.

Anna Cox

The best answer is ask God and He will show you. It is not a competition. All believers in Yeshua Jesus belong to the body of Christ. Some believe that Christmas and Easter are Pagan holidays. And many believe that it's important to celebrate the feasts in the scriptures. Knowing Yeshua Jesus should include knowing about our Jewish Heritage. Christianity came from our Jewish Rabbi Yeshua Jesus. Many Christian's want to know about their Jewish background to know more about their Lord.

John C. Walker

My name is John in my discipleship presently and feel that a lot of what we are learning pertains to the Jewish
faith. What has been put on my heart by the Lord is to immerse myself completely in His Word and to understand His Word completely would be to study them both together. There is not any problem my or my
faith on the contrary just total immersion.

Thank You, John
P.S. there is more to than just this.

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