Stan Telchin - In Memoriam

Stan Telchin Tribute

Stan Telchin, renowned author, public speaker, and missionary to the Jewish people, died June 4th in Sarasota, Florida. He was 87.

His most popular book, Betrayed, tells the story of Telchin's daughter Judy, who came to believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and how Telchin, who served on the boards of many Jewish organizations, set out to prove her wrong. But his research led him to the same conclusion as his daughter.

The book, which sold over a million copies and was translated into 30 languages, is the single most read testimony of a Jewish person who has come to faith in Jesus in recent history.  It opened many opportunities for ministry for Telchin including hosting a daily radio program on WCTN in Potomac, Maryland, for eight years and appearing on national television in the United States, Canada and the Ukraine.

Telchin's Jewish parents came to the United States from Russia in the early 1900's. He was born on September 14, 1924, in New York City, the youngest of six children and grew up during the Depression, first on the lower east side of New York, then in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

In December 1944, home on furlough from the army, Telchin ran into a friend from junior high school, Ethel David. Ethel offered to write to him while he was overseas, and regularly sent him letters and packages. When the war ended and Telchin was discharged, he and Ethel began to date and were married on May 26, 1948.

Two daughters, Judy and Ann, were born to the Telchins, and Stan became highly successful in the insurance business. As he recalls, "Twenty-six years into our marriage, we had a very large home complete with swimming pool, four BMW's and a full-time housekeeper. Then, just months later, my world felt like it had suddenly come apart." That's when Judy, then a student at Boston University, phoned her father to tell him she believed in Jesus.

On July 3, 1975, after months of studying the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the New Testament, Telchin also came to believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Then, to his surprise, he discovered that Ethel had independently made the same decision. Stan left the insurance business in 1979 for full-time ministry.

After serving as pastor of Living Word Fellowship in Gaithersburg, Maryland, from 1980-1994, he established Stan Telchin Ministries. His focus was explaining to churches how anti-Semitism has made it difficult for Jewish people to respond to the gospel message, and how individual believers can, by demonstrating a change of heart, effectively reach out to them. He received invitations to preach throughout the United States and Canada as well as in England, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Denmark, Germany, the Ukraine and Israel. Stan and Ethel were married for 52 years until her death in 2000. Telchin subsequently remarried his beloved Elaine.

Telchin served with the Jews for Jesus organization from 2003 until his death.  David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, reflected, "Stan had a huge impact on the field of Jewish missions. He will be greatly missed. Even while Stan was in failing health in recent years, his book, Betrayed remained a strong witness to Jewish seekers and I'm convinced it will keep on making an impact on the lives of our Jewish people in the years ahead."

Stan is survived by his wife, Elaine, and daughters Judy and Ann. In lieu of flowers, Elaine has requested, per Stan's wishes, that gifts be sent to Jews for Jesus.

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Byron Spradlin

Stan was a stunning model for us -- in serving G-d, and being a conduit of HIS Love moving to touch and heal many others. Philemon 1:4-7 is a good word describing Stan.


My Condolences to the Telchin family on your earthly loss, however, I celebrate his homegoing. Missed Moishe too much and Jesus said your work on earth is done Stan Telchin, therefore, come home to a "well done good and faithful servant."
Until you all meet again on those streets of Gold and in the presence of Jesus our Redeemer and Saviour.
May you have continual blessings from God our Father.
His Servant,

Sheri Glick

When I was searching for the truth one of the books I read was Betrayed. It definitely had an impact on my life and I will be forever grateful that he wrote that book.

John Weimer

He is with Yeshua. Amen!!!

Lyn Bond

He will be missed, but the good he did for the Kingdom of God will live on in the lives of those whom the Lord touched through Stan's life.

Mr. AJ Steverson

I cared for Stan during his last few months with us. His health had begun to decline and I told him last that he needed to be sent back to the hospital to care for him as his needs were far more than what I could offer. I'm embarassed that I only reconized him as a patient and never knew the life long journey that he represented. You will be missed Stan and I hope and trust your wife and family will appreciate how much I respected Stan and wished I knew Stan more.!!

Hilma Herron

To the Telchin family, a word of deep respect for Stan Telchin, a man of integrity, character and a servant's heart. He blessed me and my family and I will never forget his sweet spirit, wisdon, honesty and a true example of a godly man.

Marla Hawks

Heartfelt condolences to Elaine and The Telchin family. God has truly blessed you with such a rich and blessed heritage in the man, Stanley Telchin. God bless you and bear you up as you grieve your loss and continue his work. In His love and with mine. Marla (Addy) Hawks

Jim Floyd

(Pastor Stan) this was a precious brother; my every thought of him was esteem and beloved:very valuable. I had the blessing of our Sovereign Lord Jesus to meet Stan as the Pastor of Living Word Fellowship (in Maryland in early '87)where I became a beliver in Jesus as Lord and was Baptized in the Holy Spirit. This has since effected my entire life . I am so gratifual to God for Pastor Stan and the Glory of God his life has meant to mine. I can say or think nothing other than the experience God allowed in my life through Stan Telchin the Pastor and dearly loved brother in Christ. Thank God for Stan and The Telchin Family.

Susie Shue

What a wonderful man and with such a legacy to leave for his family and this world! He loved life, but He loved Jesus Christ first, in between, and last of everything else! He had a wonderful life with Elaine and loved her with all his heart!
My heart & prayers go out to all of his family and dearest friends. You will always be remembered with much love.
He has now seen in heaven the fruit of his works for Jesus! I am sure there are so many and many more to come who will see him again and that is Stan's reward! Love Susie Shue


As a Pastor , I have met some of God's choice servants . Stan is one of them, who has enriched my life by his fellowship and his writings.May God contiue to bless the seeds he has sown to the glory of his Messiah.God wrap His arms around you Elaine,Judy and Ann in your loss of your husband and father.


I will always be indebted to Stan for his book Betrayed which brought me to faith in Y'shua!

Stan's constant smile and happy disposition will always be remembered.

Praying for you Elaine.

Robin Polin

I never forget the moment of that book "BETRAYED" in 1983 I did give it to my late dad but he rejected it! I love that book! I send my sympathy to the Stan Telchin's family. God be with you. We will see him in heaven someday!


I read Stan's book when I was a brand new believer and I think it was also very instrumental in my coming to faith. I later sent a copy to my father and although, he never read it, my mother did and she came to faith as well. The fruit of that work is that now my husband and I are in ministry too and have three children we are raising in the Lord. We also published our testimony, Matched by Messiah. I was very much inspired by his book, Betrayed, to write up my own story! God bless him!

Bob and Hope Stadnic

Stan Telchin is one of the most beloved men of God we will ever know. His love for Messiah and for all people was evident. His books were so inspiring, especially "Betrayed". He will be greatly missed by many, but is now face-to-face with his beloved Messiah Yeshua. Peace and blessings to you Elaine and family :)

Phoebe Callaghan

I came to the Lord in 1975 and had the joy of getting to know Stan and Ethel at Christ Church of Washington and being at Rhema Bible School at the same time. I treasure them and their family. God met us in precious ways at different times in prayer and worship and fellowship. God's life flowed in their lives and ministry. So thankful for them. Rejoicing with Stan and praying comfort and healing of hearts for his family both near and far.

Milt Gould

I met Stan a number of years ago at the Jews for Jesus Midwest Ingathering. Reading his books, listening to him speak, sitting in conversation helped same a Jew who accepted Y'shua at the age of 10 and never learned how to put his faith in Messiah together with his heritage.

God used my brother Stan to help mold and shape me by bringing the disjointed aspects of my life and faith into a wholeness in Messiah Y'shua that I had not experienced previously.

I give thanks to our Lord for the life and ministry of Stan Telchin and I look forward to seeing him in glory.

Donna Lucas

I met Stan in 1983 as a nearly-new believer. Being a part of Living Word Fellowship & knowing & loving Stan & Ethel is a time I will always cherish & be forever grateful for. Stan married us & my husband insisted we marry on Stan & Ethel's anniversary as Stan was much like a father he never had. Stan taught in such depth I always loved ('Old' & 'new' testaments), but I became more aware of the solid foundation I had received that is worth more than all the earth's treasures. That love & deep foundation has kept me 'sure footed' until this day , I believe and as said; I treasure it and every memory of Stan (and Ethel). Words are not enough to say 'thank-you' for giving so much & teaching so much. But I still remain forever grateful. With Love....

Pastor John Bayles

We send out deep sympathy and love to the family of Pastor Stan Telchin, a loved friend and pastor.

Pastor John Bayles
Twinbrook Community Church
Rockville, MD

Leah Polasik

I read Stan's book, "Betrayed", as a young Jewish believer. Not knowing how to share with my parents, I gave them the book. It was rejected BUT seeds were planted. On July 11, 2010 my beloved father received the Lord Jesus into his heart as Lord and Savior, 90 seconds before the Lord took Daddy by the hand and brought him home. I never met Stan in this life, but will certainly in the next. God's word never returns void and my dad's acceptance of Jesus as his Lord is my proof. Thank you, Stan. May Yeshua comfort and hold Stan's family safely in His hands.

Dan Coggins

A few years ago my wife and I gave Betrayed to her father after years of witnessing to him about Yeshua. (Stan had recently spoken in our church and we bought extra copies.) Dad read it on the train back home and it was instrumental in moving him closer to faith. About two years ago we received confirmation of his faith when he commented regarding Messiah, "He died for us." My wife was delighted and we've since encouraged his "new born" faith.


I heard Stan's testimony on Focus on the Family years ago and feel it was a very powerful tool to show that Messiah can even reach those Jews who were not even "religious". Just like millions of Catholics, who are only Catholic in name only and rarely, if even, attend Mass, so Stan was a "secular" Jew without any perception of his spiritual heritage.

I am not a Jew, but was stirred and challenged by his story. Just like Francis Schaeffer, he was dragged "kicking and screaming" into the family of God.

I bless his memory and am thankful for his late-in-life conversion and sold-out life for his Saviour.


Many years ago I heard Stan’s testimony on Focus on the Family and my heart rejoiced. Then I read Stan’s story in the book, Testimonies of Jews Who Believe in Jesus, and once more my heart rejoiced.

For many years I have prayed for non-believers; Stan’s living testimony re-ignited my hope for them.

God put love in my heart for Stan and his family; I found myself moved to tears by the news of his home going, I know he must be terribly missed by all who love Stan so.

Thanking God for his life, his faithfulness, his obedience, and now his eternal life.

With gratitude for all at Jews for Jesus …

Rick and Darlene

We feel priviledged to have seen Stan Telchin at a church in Florida. He was explaining the Passover Sader. We just were instantly so fond of him and learned so much that night. We also bought his books.

We work for a lot of Jewish people here in our area and do love them. Their life experiences are like pages from his books, we understand them better. We also see their need for a Savior and feel compassion for them.

What rejoicing he must be doing now! A great example of Yweh's love to everyone. Blessings to his faithful wife Elaine as she seemed to serve so faithfully by his side.

We also remember his laughter even just from that one night years ago !!!

barry a. siegel

i have his book, betrayed, you will be missed. rest in peace.


Praying for Elaine, Judy and Ann! May the Lord Yeshua comfort you mightily and draw you close to Himself! Praise God for Stan Telchin! He ministered to me when i called him on the phone one day at the Lord's direction. The love of The Lord Yeshua poured out of him as he spoke with me and prayed for me!
Thank You, Lord Yeshua for Your Servant Stan Telchin!!
i look forward to meeting him in person One Day as we worship the Lord Yeshua before His Throne! \0/

Jacob Prach

I indeed knew Stan and his first wife Ethel who is also with The Lord. Thanks to Yeshua and His gift of salvation we will meet in glory.

J.Jacob Prasch

Joyce Coogan

To Judy , I would like to say I'm so glad your father came to know Yeshua as his Savior ! This is Sister Joyce from Bethel Revival Center . I was looking up information on Jews for Jesus and saw this memorial for your father

Lynn Rios

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to know Stan, even though briefly in his later years. It was in part through my discussions with Stan, that I was encouraged to get off the sidelines and get in the game. He taught me that simply by sharing my personal experience, I was planting good seed in the kingdom of G-d. I have no doubt the his books will continue to provoke seekers to the ultimate conclusion the Jesus is lord.

lance weidenbaum

Stan was a wonderful messianic Jew like myself(me of course, not nearly as wonderful). His book Betrayed was GREAT but surpassed by his next book: Abandoned. All Christians and and non-christians should read it. It tells of why it's so hard for many Jews to hear the name of Jesus in a positive light. Stan was an extremely humble, likeable and great servant of the Lord. He had such a wonderful way about him. I thank yeshua, that I was able to meet him and be so enlightened by his writings. Lance Weidenbaum

Tom Reilly

Pastor Stan was my pastor at Living Word Fellowship in suburban Maryland from the fall of 1980 until 1990. Pastor Stan and Ethel loved us all and we all loved all the Telchins. What a great family. God's Spirit was so present in our services - what a time in Christ! Pastor Stan gave us Peter Waldron as an associate and what a great associate Peter was! Peter would teach/preach and then you KNEW Jesus was alive! Miriam Hellman was a regular guest speaker - what a blessing. Pastor Stan and Ethel - we love you

Jim and Sylvia G.

We just heard the news today that Pastor Telchin had passed away. We are so sorry. Our prayers are with family. We went to Living Word Fellowship.


Thank you Lord for people like him.

Atty Banjo Navarro

Last week I purchased his Book , "Betrayed". I honor Pst Stan for such an encouraging book. It has been quite some time since I read such a moving book. Perfect example of experiential Christianity!
I searched the Internet and discovered Pst Stan died last year.
May his ministry and work continue even after he has left his earthly tent.
God bless all the Jews who reads Betrayed!

Marie Dove Konietzko

Stan was my pastor (1985). I cannot express the love, compassion, and heart for the Lord this man had. He was a wonderful teacher of God's word. A time when I was going through rough patch he was like a father to me but then Stan and Ethel always treated me like family. I miss them both tremendously. The family's always in my prayers.

marilyn myers

o' to God there were more Stans and Judys!!!

Barbara Renton

I just finished reading Mr. Telchin, s book and wanted to tell him what a GREAT Book, Betrayed, is and was looking for an address to write to him, telling him how much I enjoyed it. I'm so sad to learn that he and his wife Ethel have expired, but at least they are meeting Yeshua/Jesus in person now! God bless them both for creating this wonderful book and I will buy copies for my Jewish friends. I was born believing in Jesus which made me also want to become Jewish, too!

Sholem aleichem,
Babs, the shiksa

regina edwards

i use go be a member of living word fellowship in rockville, md. i was listening to israel's hope and pastor stan came to mind. i decided to look him up and found this article. anyone who knew pastor stan knows that he wore a hearing aid. at times he would not have it in and when someone spoke to him he would say "say again please" well my dear your hearing is perfect now. he also married me in 1988. one love god is one

Barbara Renton

Excellent book, Betrayed. Loved it! The Gideon gave me my first bible in 1969 and it's always been my favorite. My father was anti-Semitic so that's when I begged my mother to take me to a synagogue since I wanted to know more about Judaism since that's what my Jesus grew up with.
When Mr. Telchin started his story in June 1975 was when I graduated from high school. I wanted to tell him what his book meant to me, but am sorry to discover now that he has already passed. But he & Ethel must be thrilled to meet Yeshua in person now! God bless them and their family.

Sholem aleichem, the shiksa, Babella


Pastor Stan was a wonderful loving pastor. I attended LWF from 1988 - 1994 until we merged with another church. I will never forget his loving kindness to me in accompanying me to court during a difficult divorce. He was in his late 60s and the benches were very uncomfortable. He provided protection for me when I most needed it which I will remember always. He and the church had a significant influence for good in my life and I have many fond memories of serving the youth there. Rest in peace - I will see you in heaven one day. Forever grateful--

Linda Tanzer

I just stumbled upon this memorial; I was rereading the book I gave my mother back in 2001. She passed away in January 2005 at the age of 87 (and she was one who said she couldn't believe in Jesus because she's Jewish), and came to faith 3 months prior to her passing in January 2005. I know the Lord used Stan's book Betrayed to get her thinking about our Messiah. Perhaps she even reread it, as the pages show all the signs of a an overly read book, praise the Lord! It's been 4 years since Pastor Stan's passing, and I know all who have been touched by his life are looking forward to when we can see him again or meet him for the first time in eternity. I know I am!

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