The Shalom of God

Shalom Of God

Peace! Peace! Peace!

Everybody's for it. Nobody is against it.

But what is that very elusive quality we call peace? For it means different things to different people.

To some, like Napoleon and Hitler, peace results from killing people—at least it means killing to attain their kind of peace.

Peace is what those who follow Eastern religions say comes only through the obliteration of the individual personality; becoming a part of the universe with no awareness of self. But they really mean serenity.

Peace is what the housewife wants when the teenager across the street is practicing on his drums. She really wants quiet.

Peace is what the shopkeeper wants when he's worried about paying his bills. He really means that he'd like his store to be busy and bustling with customers. Peace to him means prosperity.

The patient waiting anxiously in the doctor's office to be told the results of a battery of lab tests wants peace. He really means good health.


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Eric Monaghan

Soo much to preach and soo little time left.Just make peace internally and all else comes with it.1. No such thing as "works-grace"-Bible says No one comes except the "Father draw him"2.Trust the holy spirit to win souls to Christ.3Faith commeth by hearing the word of GOD 4.Only a remnant will be saved. 5.Hell will be heavily populated 6. We must teach from the Complete Bible only-Like it or not.7 Absolutely no Deviation from the word-Difficult-YES-G OD CAN HELP AND DOES-This is TRUE PEACE in the world.Merry Christmas and Shalom.


Very lovely. But one note. For the millionth time. Napoleon is not comparable to Hitler. And his actions for Jews were a blessing. Please edit his name out.


Blessed Hanukah, and Merry CHRISTmas.


shalom is when you rest in Him knowing that He loves you and is looking after you, like He is looking after the birds in the air. You know that you know, that you know. blessed 2008 to all @ jewsforjesus.

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