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Los Angeles CA
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Los Angeles, CA, 90024
United States
Phone: 310-443-9553
Fax: 310-443-9555
To schedule a missionary to speak at your church call: 818-574-3601 or schedule it online.

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About this Branch

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The Los Angeles branch of Jews for Jesus is located in the vibrant atmosphere of Westwood Village on the West side of Los Angeles. Our office building sports a bright, but modest, "Jews for Jesus" backlit neon sign. We are located on the north side of the Fox Theater that frequently hosts movie premieres and boasts a landmark multicolored neon tower. We are easy to find between Gayley and Broxton and just across the street from the UCLA campus (see a map here).

The Jews for Jesus office building is just the hub for activity that radiates out to the college campuses, homes, offices and eventually to the hearts of Jewish people who welcome information about the Messiahship of Y'shua (Jesus). The Los Angeles staff is just as ready and available to meet open-minded Jewish seekers from West Los Angeles up to Santa Barbara, over to Palm Springs and down to San Diego.

Check out the Portico Room!

The Portico was created by college age jewish believers as a place for people to meet with God. We will be having events, worship and Bible studies there as well as making it available for students to come and study or just hang out.

Call us for more information.


We can offer excellent resources for the open-minded. On hand, in the office, are plenty of provocative stories of thoughtful Jewish people who came to faith in Y'shua. ISSUES is a free newsletter, written particularly for Jewish seekers. Six times a year it features articles about Jewish life and faith in Y'shua (Jesus) from a Messianic perspective. Get a free subscription. Printed materials about Jews, Jesus, Israel and Jews for Jesus are available in books and booklets, along with DVDs and messianic Jewish music on CDs.

The Los Angeles branch extends a special welcome to Jewish-Gentile and intermarried couples. Short term small group bible studies and discussions are a key service to this segment of the Southern California Jewish community. Our staff are also trained to assist church congregations that want to welcome Jewish-Gentile couples into their fellowships.

Christian Resources

Gentile and Jewish believers in Y'shua will find helpful resources too. There are many ways to partner with our local ministry in prayer and short term outreach opportunities. We desire to serve the Body of Christ in Southern California. Our staff are ready to help make Jesus available through appropriate and sensitive presentations of the gospel.

Church Resources

Pastors, Chaplains and Mission Committee members have found our high quality, bible-based presentations to be stimulating programs for Church services, Sunday Schools, Bible College chapels and Mission Conferences. A sample of these resources can be found at Resources for Pastors. Or you may want to telephone directly to our Los Angeles branch Itinerary Coordinator, Mrs. Deni Hase, at (818) 574-3601.

Now, we invite you to click on the Staff Link tab to the above and meet some of our Los Angeles branch staff.


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Staff List

Melissa Moskowitz Melissa Moskowitz Minister
Josh Sofaer Josh Sofaer Branch Leader, Minister
Tuvya Zaretsky Tuvya Zaretsky Director of Staff Development, Minister
Annette Sofaer Annette Sofaer
Cyril Gordon Cyril Gordon Minister
Rhonda Gordon Rhonda Gordon Minister
Deni Hase Deni Hase Itinerary Coordinator
Susan Montroy Susan Montroy Office Manager
Isaac Brickner Isaac Brickner Minister

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