Yom ha-Azma'ut / Israel Independence Day

To celebrate Israel Independence Day, please enjoy these videos about our Israel branch, some of our Israeli partners, and a few Israeli believers in Jesus.

Yom ha-Azma'ut, or Israel Independence Day, is commemorated each year on the fifth day of the Hebrew month Iyar. This day marks the end of the British Mandate and the official forming of the State of Israel in 1948. Jewish sovereignty over the ancient homeland enabled Jewish people to return to Israel from the four corners of the world, as the Bible predicted they would. The modern state of Israel is comprised of Jews from hundreds of nations and as many different backgrounds and languages. Yet, a distinct Israeli Jewish culture and style has emerged as demonstrated by the use of Hebrew as a common language. This means the gospel of Y'shua can be proclaimed to millions of our people using one language!

Of the almost six million Jews that have settled in Israel, less than one percent believe in Jesus. As we Jews for Jesus celebrate Israel Independence Day, we also recognize our dependence on God as we seek to reach Jews in Israel and all over the world with the message of Y'shua.

Read about a true story of reconciliation between a Israeli Jewish believer and an Arab Muslim family in The Sulha: Reconciliation in the Middle East and a heart-warming story of the first American Messianic Jewish couple to immigrate (make aliyah) to Israel at our online store.

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Congratulatons. God bless Israel.

Combo Daulay

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