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Christmas, a Jewish holiday?

As you'll see in this section, Jewish people have various reactions to Christmas, from caustic to curious. Most assume that-like Jesus-Christmas is "a Gentile thing." Similarly, many Jewish believers in Jesus didn't grow up celebrating Christmas and so while some rejoice that they can now take part in a holiday that was forbidden for so long, others feel uncomfortable with the cultural trappings of Christmas. However, we all realize that the Christmas season brings to mind thoughts of peace and thoughts of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, and it's also an incredible time for introducing others to the greatest Jew who ever lived.

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Jesus was not born on Dec.25 or any other day in December. It clearly states that inthe New Testement


jesus wasnt but there atleast needs to be a day to remember his birth


Don't you think if Jesus wanted you to remember it he would have told us to?

He went out of his way to tell us to remember his death:
Luk_22:19 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

Marquisha Jerry

Their is no scripture saying that he was born on christmas. I need to know that for proof, and if theirs no scripture then sorry, I don't believe it either bek


If you say 'there's no scripture then sorry, I don't believe it' then what do you say about Sunday as the new worship day?

Do you accept the Sabbath or do you believe on the Sun god, Sunday?

There's no scripture commanding us to observe Sun god day, the bible commands the Seventh day Sabbath, Exodus 20:8. Not Sunday. Not anywhere from Genesis to Revelation.

There is no Easter either.

Baruch HaShem!


Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus, you might as well worship the creator with a golden calf. You can't mix the holy with the profane.


Before anyone thinks about Christmas observance, one should consider the Sabbath surely? Sunday supplanting the Sabbath profanes "My Holy day" says the Lord. "My Sabbaths ye shall keep" not the Babylonian sun god day that Pagan Rome absorbed into its system of worship.


I am a gentile Christian, but have recently stopped celebrating Christmas and am very surprised that a Jewish Christian would even consider celebrating Christmas. Before deciding to celebrate Christmas I think an in depth historical study of how Christmas began is in order.
1. Christmas not celebrated until 4th or 5th century
2. Customs heavily rooted in pagan feast of Saturnalia and winter solstice.
A much more appropriate celebration for Jesus birth would be to include the Nativity at the feast of tabernacles, which is more likely when He was born


Amen! This is exactly what my comment would have been, so thank you Tom for stating it. I have recently been having my eyes opened to all the "paganism" rituals and traditions in our so called "holidays" (which really aren't so holy). Unfortunately, Christians rather not cause an uproar, and continue to keep their eyes shut, and ears closed, than listen to the Word of God and all the warnings concerning pagan practices. They use excuses like, "I'm not celebrating the pagan holiday, and as long as I'm doing it for the Lord, it's okay". When has that kind of thinking ever been okay with God in the scriptures? Keep standing for Truth Tom, keep praying for other Christians to see truth and come back to God. Stop following after "Man" and their pagan holidays, and follow Christ. Do as He did, and do as He says! In Christ, Karen


Some people are okay with creating their own meaning to a celebration or blindly following tradition. Most people drag out the Christmas decorations each year and have no idea the meaning behind any of it (tree, wreaths, mistletoe, lights, ornaments), or they make up their own meaning. Personally, I don't blindly follow tradition. God has given us minds to reason, and allows us choice. Christmas is rooted in paganism that is a historical fact that can be found in any encyclopedia. I think we need to question how God thinks/feels about celebrating a man made feast, rooted in Paganism, with His Son's name on it. Throughout the OT the Israelites were warned about adopting traditions of the pagans and yet that is exactly what we are doing with Christmas (and Easter, I might add). 1 cor 10:21-...you cannot partake the table of the Lord and the table of demons. Just a thought......

Rich Robinson

Then you probably should stop using names like "Thursday" (named after Thor) or "Wednesday" (named after Wotan). BTW who said Christians celebrate Christmas or Easter "blindly" - that's your conclusion. Many who understand what they are doing would disagree with you.


Then they are willfully worshipping the golden calf.

Rich Robinson

So gathering with other Christians on December 25, thanking God that he sent the Messiah, singing hymns glorifying God, and worshiping in song and Scripture is willfully worshipping the golden calf? Hmmm.


I think there are elements of syncretism in both the examples of modern Christmas worship and the story of Aron and the golden calf. It is a good comparison. The question is how does God view worship that has elements of paganism blended with it? True worship is in Spirit and Truth. God wants to be worshiped in spirit and in truth. Is syncretistic worship truth?

Just Saying

Leave it to J4J to promote christmas. Doesn't surprises me.


Exo_16:28 And the LORD said unto Moses, How long refuse ye to keep my commandments and my laws?

Jim Jordan

Alot of thoughts back and forth, simply what does the word of God say?


I recently heard a sermon in which the Pastor pointed out something I really took to heart. The essential things of our faith (ie. Christ died for the sins of humanity, and rose on the 3rd day..) are held closely in a closed hand. We cannot compromise with the things in a closed hand. Things that we may disagree and debate that are non-essential to our faith can be held loosely in an open hand. Whether or not we celebrate Christmas, Easter or Passover are very much held loosely in an open hand. It is interesting, however, to hear what people beleive and why. We might learn something in the process.
I see your point about the days of the week being named after gods worshiped in Rome and Greece, however, we don't try to intermingle Christ with those names and mix something holy with the profane as we do with the man made holidays, as in Christmas and Easter.


Throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation God always used "the first day" "the third day" "the seventh day."Do we see Jesus using the PAGAN days of the week ? NO! How can you say the days of the week are "okay" with God? You yourself are clearly mixing the holy with the profane. If a tree is "still" pagan then so are the days of the week. If God still views these things as pagan then don't you think that God hates the PAGAN names of the week still? Who created days? YHWH right? And aren't you yourself putting a blatant affront to Him when you attach those pagan names of those gods to days that YHWH alone created? THAT'S BLASPHEMY! You might say,"the Bible doesn't prohibit using those pagan names." Oh yes it does, see Exodus 23:13 "do not mention the name of other gods, nor let them be heard from your mouth."


I believe the 6th and 7th day are called preparation day and shabbat or sabbath. So, how do you relate to others about the days of the week? I think your bible reference is being taken out of context when applied to names of days of the week. Besides, this forem is about Christmas.


Tom you said,"So, how do you relate to others about the days of the week?" If I told you,"Come to work on the fourth day of the week," you will understand what I mean, right? The topic here is about paganism in general. You're just saying,"Besides, this forem is about Christmas." as a smokescreen. I'm just going with your above reasoning that anything, once used in paganism, is detested by God, I'm not changing the topic at all.


Tom, also my point is : Who created winter? Who created evergreen trees? Who created snow? Who created reindeer? Did nimrod? Did the devil? Did pagans create winter? Or did YHWH? YHWH created winter. YHWH created evergreen trees and He Himself DECORATES THEM EVERY WINTER WITH SNOW AND ICICLES!!!! But your logic is that once pagans have taken winter from G-d, it now becomes theirs. (cont'd on next comment)........

kawaun Thomas

Jeremiah 10:3 - Thus says the LORD, "Do not learn the way of the nations, And do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them; 3For the customs of the peoples are delusion; Because it is wood cut from the forest, The work of the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. 4"They decorate it with silver and with gold; They fasten it with nails and with hammers So that it will not totter. "Gentiles and their customs: The Christmas Trees."
As for winter...I believed before that before both Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, the Garden of Eden, nor the rest of the world ever reached temperatures creating snow or icicles. Also, its a proven fact that Jesus' birth was no where near December 25th, because the shepherd that the Angel appeared to wouldn't have in the field during that time of year with his sheep, as it is custom. It was more around the time of March. Shalom.


According to your logic if a homosexual has taken the rainbow and used it as their symbol, it now becomes theirs! That simply is not true. Now I know you will come up with some sarcastic comment like "so we can take a pentagram and call it the star of Bethlehem, right?" or something like,"so we can take temple prostitution and dedicate it to G-d, right?" There is a big difference; G-d created evergreen trees, winter, snow, reindeer and other winter animals but He did not create temple prostitution. You might say, “What about the pentagram? G-d created that too, right?" With all due respect, G-d created starfishes, which, by the way have the shape of a pentagram.


I somewhat disagree with you on this Tom, following Christ is following Christ. It may not be essential to salvation whether you celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc, but it is "essential" in following Christ. The bible tells us that if you love Christ, then you will follow him, and this is proof that we have chosen to follow Him. Well, would love to discuss more, but alarm just went off, have to get to work. :)


I agree it is very essential to follow Christ. To walk as He walked. Those are things held tightly in a closed hand that we do not compromise with. Other things that are not essential to our faith are things that sometimes tend to divide us as Christ followers. It is those things that I am refering to wihen I say to hold them loosely. For example, to some Christmas is a celebration to honor Christ and to others the history of Christmas is tied to closely to Paganism and they choose not to celebrate it. Should I, as one who chooses not to celebrate Christmas, look unfavorably on those who choose to celebrate it? My view is that I need to hold this loosely and put loving my brother/sister ahead of my views on celebrating or not celebrating a man made holiday.


The bible says that if you love God you will keep his commandments(John 14:15). How many Christians toss aside God's commandments to do the traditions of man (Mark 7:8 & Col 2:8) instead of those from God?

Jesus even scolded the Pharisees for keeping their traditions and not God's laws. (Mat 15)

Use the bible to prove your points, don't make up things that sound good only to you.

We have a bible to learn from, use it and learn from it. Stop making up silly things to cover the things you WANT to keep doing.

Its all about God, not you, not want you want to do, but what God wants us to do. Wake up people, the end is approaching!


Why do people celebrate birthdays? Because, you were born on that day. Christmas is not about observing Jesus' Birth. Christmas is about thanking God for Christ had already come. We should celebrated the gift of God everyday, including Christmas.

Nicole Czarnecki

As a Messianic Jew, I am ashamed of the pagans here who claim to be Messianic Jews and gentiles. You are the very reason why many Jews and gentiles won't come to faith. Have you ever read Yirimiyahu 31:31-34? Acts 15? Romans 14? Galatians 1:6-12 and 2:4 (which applies to the pagans here, sadly), Galatians 5:7-12, and Colossians 2:13-17? No? I suggest that you go read them.


Hi Nicole...I have been a Christian since 92. I gave my heart to Jesus in 2006. today I am here in search of truth...I went out and bought my first Tallit 2 days ago....I have been keenly aware of documentation stating all the pagan rituals of Americans....Especia lly Christmas....Jewish along with Italians have documented that Jesus was born sometime in September..You sound like you have all your ducks in a row and I am desperately seeking a connection to my spiritual jewish roots....I have acknowledged them as the children of God and the death and ressurection of Jesus connects me to the Jews....Jesus was Jewish...Please help me


I agree. The new covenant is made with the house of Judah (southern tribes) and the house of Israel (northern tribes that were dispersed into the nations). Christ followers, especially those from the nations (gentiles) come near by faith in Jesus and are grafted into Israel and thereby become partakers in the new covenant. Because we (gentiles) have lost site of this and have developed many false doctrines that make Christ seem like a false messiah to the Jews according to Deuteronomy 13. We have choosen our own customs and set aside the Law of God given through Moses. We have misunderstood a few scriptures written by Paul and have created false doctrines, and because of these things have set aside the Law and God's feast days and replaced them with Christmas and Easter based on our own traditions blended with Christs teachings and call it Christianity.


The issue is Pagan worship and customs, not being anti-social with family and friends, singing hymns. We ought not practice the ways of the heathens. Worship Yeshua everyday, don't make one day bigger than the others. Go research in the old and new testament we are instructed not to partake in heathen (pagan) customs. But nowadays Christians want to make excuses or find ways to partake in pagan customs and worship. It's sad! These Holidays WERE NOT PRACTICED BY THE FIRST CHURCH IN ACTS. The Catholic church allowed the pagan customs inside "THEIR" religion. It doesn't even belong inside of Christianity!!! People go dig up the facts, go search the origins of these holidays and find the truth. The truth shall make you free...


What is the purpose of Easter when the death and resurrection of Y'shua is so clearly revealed in the Passover?
And what does the name Easter mean after all? Isn't it a version the old English name Ēostre (a.k.a. Ostara, Ishtar, Asherah)? Why would we want to anything to do with a celebration rooted in the worship of a goddess whose name we are clearly commanded to wipe out/exterminate? (Deuteronomy 12:3)


I agree, especially since the early Church (including gentile believers) celebrated Passover for the first 100+ years after the ressurection of Christ. If interested research Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna and the controvery surrounding the celebration of Easter verses Passover. Unfortunately the majority of Christians think of the biblical feast days as only given to the Jews. The truth is that God gave them to Israel before the kingdom split into the Northern and Southern tribes and said they are "My Feasts". If we as Christians are grafted into Israel by faith, then we should be celebrating all of God's Feast days. There is ample evidence of this in the bible.


It's shameful to know that Messianic Jews celebrate chritmas.How can you assume the birthday of your Messiah?I think if His birthday had to be celebrated Yahweh would have reveal it to us through the scriptures.Where in the scriptures are we asked to celebrate the birth of Yeshua?Jeremiah 10:3-4 clearly depict the christmas tree as idolatry worship.Let us not be misled.


Jeremiah 10:3-4 is speaking of actually crafting an idol to bow down and worship to, not a Christmas tree. Now whether one chooses to celebrate the fact that Yeshua was born or not is up to each his own conviction. But whatever you feel is right please do not pull scripture out of context or change the meaning of it to fit your belief. That will most certainly turn away someone who may be deciding on whether or not to follow Christ.


I'm a Catholic... and I am AMAZED at how judgemental all of you are! clearly none of you have really lived Christmass... it is true that consumist society has made the Holiday more pagan everyday (for example, raindeer and Santa have NOTHING to do with Christmas... they are just out there so that non-beleivers don't feel left out and have something to decorate their house with)... True celebration of Christmas begins a month before, with Advent... 40 days of prayer, sacrifice and anticipation for the birth of Christ (whom we all know was NOT born on December, but there had to be a day and that's how it came to be...)


True Chistmas decorations must include a Nativity Set... normally Baby Jesus is not placed there until the 24th when we remember His birth... each family has their own tradition for this (true Christians anyway).... and the joy is such that Christmastime won't end for another 40 days more or less when we remember Jesus being presented at the Temple... so "celebrating Christmas" is not just a fancy dinner, it is not about miseltoe, or trees or anything... those are nice things to have but the reall meaning of Christmas is thanking God for having come into our world to save us...


Yeshua was born on Sukkot, (Tabernacles) Matthew 1:23 "BEHOLD, THE VIRGIN SHALL BE WITH CHILD AND SHALL BEAR A SON, AND THEY SHALL CALL HIS NAME IMMANUEL," which translated means, ("GOD WITH US.") He Tabernacled among His people during the Feast of Sukkot which is the reason why there was no more room in the inn. There were over a million Jews in Jerusalem dwelling in tents during this feast which is a commemorating Elohim Tabernacled with them during the exodus from Egypt, as this Feast also pointed to His coming

Luke 2:27 And she gave birth to her firstborn son; and she wrapped Him in cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

BTW- Feast of Tabernacles is the 7 month of the Hebrew calendar, we all know how Yahweh feels about the # 7


Tiffany--according to Scripture, Yeshua was born in Bethlehem. Also, the reason there was no room for them in the inn was due to the Roman Empire under the auspices of Caesar Augustus decreed a census to be taken.

I agree with everything else you stated.

William Dlubak

As long as we worship God's Holy Day's in Leviticus, I believe worshiiping Yeshua ANY DAY is GREAT! We all know Yeshua was not born on 25 Dec, but, if it brings children to Yeshua, so be it! This can be a first step for a child to bring him to the truth about Elohim. As they get older, they can come to the truth and worship the days as Abba Commanded...


I agree with your statement that "Christmas is not a Jewish holiday, but maybe it should be!"

Yes, is should be. How is Christmas not Jewish? :) I love Christmas and live for it year-round. Nothing brings me more hope than the reality of God Incarnate as a wee-little baby lying in a trough. The Second Person of the Godhead humbled Himself and entered our world where animals go potty and slept where animal place their mouths to eat; likewise, He exited this world in also the most humbling way by being nailed to a Cross in service to His human creation.

He is the Jewish Messiah. Christmas if it is anything is Jewish. :)


It is legalism masquerading as "righteousness" to criticize your brothers and sisters in Christ over Christmas. This false notion that Christmas and Easter are rooted in pagan rituals must end. Yes, the Church based observances of Christ's life on existing pagan holiday DATES. That's it.

Did not Yeshua's blood sacrifice replace animal sacrifice and the veiled Holy of Holies that was rent in two and worshiping only in a particular location? Yes to all.

Then why can not Yeshua replace the symbols of Winter Solstice and Easter with God's Tabernacle of New Birth and New Life?

Does not the heavenly choir of angels that appeared to the shepherd indicate God's love of pomp and circumstance when it brings HIM glory? Yes, again.

The issue should be: is Yeshua ALONE glorified in Christmas and Easter? So WORSHIP HIM with Christmas' music and decorations and food and gifts!


If you have a spiritual gift of discernment, but have not love, your ranting is worthless. We are to focus on the weightier topic that our salvation is dependent on; preach Christ to the lost. If celebrating Christmas is important to someone who has associated it with Christ birth, don't hinder them in any way. They are not blindly serving false gods through tradition, they are joyfully celebrating Christ. When it comes to the heart, that is what God will see. His son has justified us through faith. But if we are convicted by the Holy Spirit to let go of some of the practices after finding out what God's word says in its original context, it's only then that we are held accountable. As for those who push solid food down the throat of babes who are still drinking only milk; by shaming and accusations of pagan worship, you will definitely be held accountable to the damage you do. Yeshua said, "Follow me." to the tax collector. He did not shame him into submitting to stricter customs.


Where are the true ministers/teachers of the Lord today; those who follow the way of the Lord in truth? QUESTION: Is there a way of truth and a way of error? Are we criticizing our brothers/sisters who are in error (or) are we trying to help them recover from error? Is GOD the same are not..Mal.3:6 ? What about the traditions of men...Matt. 15: 3,6 ? I am convinced at this point; if we as (true believers) continue in the ways of men we are certainly helping satan fur-fill Rev. 12:9, through pagan worship since we ALL know ??? that Y'shua were not born on Dec. 25, as the tradition of men teach and the Whole World are following this tradition except the Remnant. (I am a black gentile believer who study/research my heavenly Father word.) I want to know the
true way of GOD; what about you?

William Dlubak

Hashem say's, "Do not worship Me as the other nations worship their gods."


Quoting William Dlubak:
Hashem say's, "Do not worship Me as the other nations worship their gods."

And how exactly is celebrating the Birth of Christ and singing songs that contain the Gospel Message and that glorify God the "same as" pagan worship customs?

I believe this type of in-fighting between Christians is what causes the true damage in the eyes of the non-believer. Tragic that there are those who criticize their own for the manner in which they choose to worship Jesus.


The legalism exhibited by some here is understandable and expected, but disappointing, nonetheless.

It is my firm conviction that God loves Christmas. Nothing happens by accident.

Christmas to me is the perfect manifestation of Messiah. Did not Messiah to make OLD things NEW, to supplant the PAGAN with the GODLY?

Christmas is NOT a pagan celebration. Rather, it is illustrative of Christ transforming the pagan (winter solstice) with the renewed (Birth of Christ). The "page tree" now stands for God's Eternal (evergreen) Life.

The Nativity is, Biblically, all about pomp and circumstance: did not a legion of the Angelic Choir appears to the shepherds announcing The Birth? Did not the Wise Men adorn Christ with gold?

Christmas has God written all over it. It is tragic that some continue to mire themselves in the Law instead of allow themselves to be freed by His Grace and Mercy and Joy.


Last comment and I will move on. This is man reasoning without scriptural support to do that which God didn't established and it has nothing to do with legalism. What is it that Y'shua is making new....man or things, life or death. 1-Jh. 3:8? When you say; He makes all things new; are you implying that (all evils) in this world Y'shua is making new or just Christmas & Easter, and we can do whatever we want to do because Y'shua makes all things new? If we know that Y'shua were not born on Dec. 25th; why not just celebrate Christmas and leave the (lie) off of His name as His birth or did He make that new too?


It has everything to do with legalism. You are the "weak brother" that Paul writes about in 1 Cor. 8 who is offended by Christians eating meat sacrificed to idols: "Knowledge makes arrogant, but love edifies ... if there are so-called [pagan] 'gods' ... for us there is but ONE God ... However not all men have this knowledge [and] eat food as if sacrificed to an idol ... their conscience being weak and defiled ... But food will not commend us to God; we are neither the worse if we eat nor the better if we do eat."

You are this weak brother, hampered by legalism not warranted by God nor Scripture. The difference between eating food sacrificed to idols and Christmas is the the latter is an explicit act of worship of Jesus Christ by Christians and contains the undeniable message of the Gospel in song, symbol, and tradition.

Criticizing Christmas is akin to splitting hairs over whether to use wine or juice for communion--it is legal nonsense.


I don't believe that any Christian who celebrates Christmas is under the impression that Jesus was born on December 25. I don't believe that any Christian who celebrates Christmas is accidentally or intentionally worshiping other gods.If someone wants to brighten up dark days of winter by throwing Jesus a party with pretty lights and pleasant smelling greens, I don't believe that Jesus is offended by that, even if others before us chose to worship idols on that same day. I do think Jesus would like it if we argued less and took to heart the Scripture: "One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind." Romans 14:5

William Dlubak

At Greg---
Your the reason why the true Flock is so small! You do not know the Torah and probably go to church on Sundays! Your in the world and worship as the world does, ignoring Elohim's written Word. You claim illiegality, I claim its obeying the Word of God. Yeshua said "Follow Me and do the Will of the Father." Its a shame you chose your way over the one and only true Way! I pray you, and many others ask God for direction, because you are so much wrapped in the world! Blessings to you...


@William: A little update to you: Messiah has risen from the grave, put an end to sacrifice and rituals and legalism, has torn in two the Veil before the Holy of Holies.

Apostle Peter had similar hang-ups: In Acts 10, God instructed Peter to "kill and eat" what Judaism deemed "unclean". God taught Peter that it is God--not Peter--who determines what is "clean" or "unclean". William, do not declare "unclean" that which God has made "clean" (Acts 10:15).

Yeshua, likewise, foretold this when speaking to the Samaritan woman entangled by legalism, telling her that "... a time is coming ... when ..true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks ..." God does not care any longer what day, hour, or place you worship Him, William.

Eschewing legalism is NOT denying God's Absolute Truth and Morality. Rather, it is leaning on the Cross of Yeshua rather than the works of man.

William Dlubak

Jews for Jesus---

Sorry for that last Post. When someone ignores Hashem's Word for traditions it aggrevates me terribly! Blessings to you...

Pamela Walls

This is the first time I have visited this site and yours was the first post I read. Imagine my hurt and disgust. I thought we all believed in the same GOD! Just some of us have learned that Jesus was indeed his son. I hope you find inner peace for yourself William.

William Dlubak

at Greg
You truly have a perverted view!!! You remind me of 2 Peter 3:16. You are uninstructed and distort Paul's writings.
I pray no one listens to your view. You are of the world and its system. No matter what I say, you are stuck on the worldly view - Not Spiritual. I will pray you come out of the world and its point of view! I will pray for you!!!
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