Behold Your God Israel

Behold Your God Israel Campaign

Evangelism in Israel

"Flowers of the Son" Film Preview

Dates: spring and fall
Area: Israel
Cost: $500 per week plus airfare
We have set out to share the gospel with Israelis throughout the land of Israel over the next five years. Each spring and fall we are holding a large-scale evangelistic campaign in a different region in Israel. We are looking for Hebrew and/or Russian speaking Jewish believers who are able-bodied and ready to share their faith. Each participant will complete evangelism training in Israel. This training will equip them to go out on the streets and share the gospel with Israelis. We use tracts and engage people one-on-one in dialogue about Y'shua. When Israelis hear from other Jewish people that Y'shua is the Messiah, it has a huge impact on how our witness is received in the land.

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raymond mendai

Greeting in the name of our lord and God Jesus Christ,lam touched with the may 29 2014 theme for lsrael ,behold your God ,my prayer for lsrael is that ,lsrael must be saved ,blessed just as favored from old age. please sir ,my prayer is that l want to learn more on how lsrael view jesus christ.
yours raymond mendai

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