Jews for Jesus E-books

Download a first-hand account of Jewish people who came to believe in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. In PDF or Palm format. Hard copies are available, too.

Give Him Pentothal

Give Him Pentothal!: A Jewish Doctor's Journey of faith in Jesus and service on three continents.

by Andrew Forbat

Adobe PDF (2083 KB)

Jazzed For Jesus

Jazzed for Jesus: Two Jews Meet Their Messiah

by Jhan and Melissa Moskowitz

Adobe PDF (1281 KB)

Jews For Jesus Book2

Jews for Jesus Book

by Moishe Rosen with William Proctor

Adobe PDF (2456 KB)


Shalom at Last: An Israeli's Journey to Jesus

by Shlomy Abramov

Adobe PDF (661 KB)


Disowned: A Twentieth Century Jew His Experience with Jesus

by Steve Cohen

Adobe PDF (284 KB)


But I'm Jewish! A Jew for Jesus Tells His Story

by Richard Harvey

Adobe PDF (370 KB)

Jewish Doctors For Jesus

Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician

by Ruth Rosen

Adobe PDF (686 KB)


Nothing to Fear: A Jews for Jesus Testimony Booklet

by Karol Joseph

Adobe PDF (246 KB)


Blindsided: A Jewish Agnostic Finds the Messiah

by Stephen Katz

Adobe PDF (956 KB)


Who Ever Heard of a Jewish Missionary? A Jew for Jesus Tells His Story

by Bob Mendelsohn

Adobe PDF (608 KB)


Loss to Life: A Jewish Woman's Journey to Messiah

by Susan Perlman

Adobe PDF (561 KB)


Drawn to Jesus: The Journey of a Jewish Artist

by David Rothstein

Adobe PDF (1009 KB)


From Generation to Generation: A Jewish Family Finds Their Way Home

by Steve and Janie-sue Wertheim

Adobe PDF (799 KB)


Hineni: Here Am I God, But Where Are You?

by Tuvya Zaretsky

Adobe PDF (728 KB)

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