A New Way to Partner With Jews for Jesus

A New Way to Partner With Jews for Jesus

Jews for JesusYou can support Jewish evangelism by adding our banner to your web site. It's a valuable resource that doesn't cost you a thing! By using our banner, you'll be making information easily available to people who want to share their faith with Jewish friends. And, depending on what kind of website you have (church website versus personal networking site, etc) you might also be making our resources available to Jewish friends who are curious about Jesus.

Our banner contains three links:

  1. JewsforJesus.org — our main site full of apologetics, testimonies, and other resources
  2. YouTube.com/jewsforjesus — were you can find hundreds of videos, including personal faith journeys that can be sent to Jewish friends and family instantly
  3. Our Facebook fan page where ministry happens daily with over 10,000 contacts.

Here at Jews for Jesus we would love to help you get excited about Jewish ministry and go to the whole world with the Gospel.

Please prayerfully consider placing this banner on your site.



Click Copy Source Button for your desired banner.


Banner 1

Jewsforjesus Banner JewsforJesus.org Jews for Jesus website Jews for Jesus on YouTube Jews for Jesus on Facebook

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Banner 2

Jewsforjesus Banner 200

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Banner 3

Jewsforjesus Banner Hz Jews for Jesus website Jews for Jesus on YouTube Jews for Jesus on Facebook Jews for Jesus website Jews for Jesus website

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STEP 2. Post To Your Site.

Paste the code above in your blog or personal website. The image from Step 1 will show up on your site. See example below.



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