Who do you think Isaiah 53 speaks of? Here are some articles to help you consider it.

Le prophète Isaïe sous l'inspiration divine (Isaïe, LXIV, 6 11) by Marc Chagall

In his rabbinical training, Rachmiel Frydland found that discussion of Isaiah 53 was continually avoided.[Read More]

Le Pardon de Dieu annoncé à Jérusalem (Isaïe, LIV, 6 10) by Marc Chagall

Author Efraim Goldstein says there is only one man who fulfills the vivid description of the Messiah in this passage of Scripture. [Read More]

Bonheur futur de Jérusalem ayant retrouvé grâce devant Dieu (Isaïe, LXII, 1 5) by Marc Chagall

You may have heard that “Judaism teaches” that Isaiah 53 is about Israel. But many Jewish scholars through the ages say it’s about the Messiah. [Read More]

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Isaiah 53 speaks of None other than Jesus Christ and it is one of the best descriptions of Jesus which cannot be denied. I personally love that chapter.

Jackson Vogel

Tank you! For our God endereço Lord, aleluia!


It never ceases to amaze me how Jews for Jesus quotes jewish texts without any knowledge of what they mean. Here is the great thing about Judaism: it is the only of the 3 major religions to solely rely on its own texts. Both christianity and Islam rely on the Old Testament, which make them more susceptible to contradiction. And when trying to prove to jews that Jesus is the Messiah, you cannot quote from the New Testament because that has no validity to Jews. So if you want to prove anything, you have to stick to the old testament, which is where all your arguments fall apart. According to the old testament, the Messiah is of flesh and blood, and a descendant of King David and King Solomon. Bring up any genealogy you like, both matthew and luke cannot prove that jesus is the messiah because his genealogy does not satisfy the conditions. No Jeconiah or Nathan genealogies work, and that is being generous and allowing genealogy to pass through Joseph or Mary. Check Samuel ll 7:12-16
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