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Who is God? Who is Jesus (also known by his Hebrew name of Yeshua)? Can a person know God and experience Him personally? People have asked these questions for thousands of years. They are the questions this study hopes to answer. If you have newly come to faith in Yeshua as the long-awaited Jewish Messiah, or if you are trying to learn more about God and Yeshua, this series will help you.

Please read these four lessons, then answer the questions at the end of each section. Each question is based on a Bible reference; to see the text for these references, simply mouse over them. This study uses the New International Version (NIV 1984 version) and English Standard Version (ESV) translations of the Bible, but any recognized translation will work. (If you click on a Bible reference, a new window with expanded text will open, in either NIV 2011 version or ESV.) If you have a Bible and prefer to use it, the table of contents will help you find the books of the Bible. Then look for the chapter (the number to the left of the colon) and verse (to the right of the colon). For instance, John 3:16 means the third chapter and the sixteenth verse of the book of John.

The Bible is a large book made up of 66 smaller books written over a period of approximately 2,000 years by about 40 different authors. Almost all the authors of both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament were Jewish. The first five books of the Bible were written by Moses and are known as the Torah. These are followed by historical books, books of Hebrew poetry, and books of sermons by some of the most famous Jewish prophets. The New Testament portion of the Bible begins with four biographies of the life of Jesus known as the Gospels. (“Gospel” means “good news.”) The Gospels are followed by the book of Acts, a history of the early Jewish and non-Jewish followers of Yeshua; thirteen books by a rabbi named Paul; and then several smaller books written by other Jewish followers of Yeshua from the Second Temple period. It ends with the apocalyptic book of Revelation, which climaxes in God’s creation of a new heaven and new earth.

People of faith believe the Holy Spirit inspired the writers of the Bible, so that the words they wrote were the words of God himself. There are many proofs for the truth of the Bible. Those proofs are for another study. At least parts of the Bible have been with us for almost 4,000 years. No other book in the world has been attacked as bitterly as the Bible but still endures. It has lasted so long because, simply put, it is truth.

How is it possible to have faith in God when doubt, fear and pain seem to get in the way? Watch this video to begin your journey of discovery and faith.

How To Know God, a four part study for seekers written by Rich Hastings in partnership with Jews for Jesus.
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