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About this Branch

Shalom from Jews for Jesus in Germany

Why Germany?

In 1991, the Jewish population of Germany stood at 31,000 German-speaking Jews. Today, the population stands at 230,000 Jewish people, and 200,000 are Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants who've moved to Germany, mostly in the last 20 years. This has made Germany one of the largest Jewish mission fields in Central Europe. To meet that challenge, we Jews for Jesus have established our German office in the city of Essen, with volunteers in Berlin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Leonid Dolganovsky leads the work, and serving alongside him are two other full-time missionary outreach workers, Dina Markova, and Igor Shelest. Daniel Dolganovsky is an intern. Our administrative workers, Dagmar Gesswein and Monika Tiemeier, keep the office running so that the missionaries can concentrate on the day-to-day evangelistic work of handing out literature, visiting people in their homes, conducting personal and small group Bible studies, and doing everything else they can do in order to bring the Good News to our people in Germany.

Jewish Evangelism in Germany is Unique

Twenty-five years ago, no one would have envisioned either the collapse of the Soviet Union or the emigration of 200,000 Russian-speaking Jews to a united Germany! The fact that so many of our people have moved to this land can't be seen simply as a series of unexpected political events. God is behind these events, and it makes sense to ask, What's He doing?" We Jews for Jesus have an idea. We think that God has brought 200,000 Russian-speaking Jews to Germany for at least three reasons:

  • so that these Jewish people may hear the Gospel and be saved,
  • so that German non-believers may hear the Gospel from Jewish lips and be saved,
  • and so that all Germany and perhaps all Europe may see Jews and Germans, proclaiming the Gospel together.

Some Recent Highlights

Though our work in Germany is fairly new and still building, God has blessed us with some wonderful victories. For example...

Our "Light of the World" campaigns in Berlin and Frankfurt.

By God’s grace, during the months of June and July, 2011, the teams in Berlin and Frankfurt handed out over 243,800 tracts during the three weeks of outreach, and we gathered 1,520 contacts – people who gave us their names, addresses or email addresses so that we can be in further touch with them.  Those contacts include 148 non-believing Jewish people, 768 non-believing gentiles, 33 Jewish believers in Jesus, and 488 non-Jewish Christians.  All of us are rejoicing over the 16 Jewish and 67 non-Jewish people who prayed with us to receive the Lord! 

How to be Involved from Afar

If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on our efforts in Germany so that you can pray for us, we’ll be happy to send you an electronic version of our German "Rundbrief” (Newsletter) in ENGLISH. Just click here ...

Please pray...

Now that you’ve read a little bit, would you please pray?

  • For God to continue opening the hearts of our Jewish people in Germany
  • For more staff missionaries, especially German-speaking Jewish believers in Germany
  • For more and more German Christians to come along side the work of Jews for Jesus with the prayers and support

Before you go...

Perhaps you've never given your heart to the Messiah Y'shua If you haven't, then that's probably why God gave you the interest in looking at this page. You can know his love and forgiveness, and you can receive His free gift of an everlasting, intimate relationship with Him by believing that Y'shua died for your sins and rose from the dead, just as Moses and the prophets promised before hand in Tanach. Are you willing to take that step? Or would you like to know more?.


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Leonid Dolganowski Leonid Dolganowski Branch Leader, Minister
Dina Markova Dina Markova Outreach Worker
Igor Shelest Igor Shelest Outreach Worker
Daniel Dolganovsky Daniel Dolganovsky Intern
Monika Tiemeier Monika Tiemeier Bookkeeper

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