Paris France
Paris France
11, rue Crozatier
75012, Paris
Phone: + 33-1-43-44-15-86
Fax: + 33-1-43-44-2827
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About this Branch

The French work of Juifs pour Jésus is headed by Joshua Turnil. French is unique in terms of the people being ministered to. France and Francophone Europe is home to the largest Jewish community in all the European Union and third largest in the world after the United States and Israel. The vast majority (about 70%) of French Jews are sephardic and hail from North Africa after having immigrated in the 60s. French Jews have the highest hebrew literacy rates in the diaspora and have close ties to Israel due to strong and numerous family relations. Anti-semitism and the causes for Israel are among the major issues that concern the Jewish people in France. Due to their culture and background, many French Jewish people are new to the gospel. Often the team discovers that when they share the gospel, it is the first time the person being witnessed to has ever heard the gospel!


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Karl deSouza Karl deSouza Branch Leader, Minister
Joshua Turnil Joshua Turnil Branch Leader, Minister
Chantale Mandras Chantale Mandras Minister

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