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Broadsides, a unique style of gospel tract, were created in 1969. Broadsides are three fold-tracts which are easy to read, good-natured (usually with some humor), affirmative of the reader and contain a Scripture verse or two. They are intended as first line literature, using contemporary topics as a springboard to talk about the problem of sin and God's gracious solution. They do not tell everything a person needs to know to be saved; we consider them "invitations to interact with the gospel."

Those who share our belief in Jesus as Messiah and Lord are welcome to print and distribute our tracts provided nocontent, including copyright, is altered or covered and no text or illustrations unauthorized by Jews for Jesus are added. Should you want to make any changes, please secure permission from us first. You may add your own name and contact information on the back. Please notify us to let us know which broadside you are using.

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2014 Rose Parade Tract from the Los Angeles Branch. Written by Arielle Rothbard

Rose Parade Tract 001 Created
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