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MONDAY, November 5, 2012 –

The Messianic Artists Collective (MAC) launched its website today, unveiling its mission to offer a platform for Messianic artists of all mediums for the purpose of displaying art, networking, collaborating, and connecting to a wider audience.

MAC is young, trendy, and unorthodox.

Good art is preferred to overly religious work.

Member portfolios, searchable by medium, are visible to the public, providing outsiders the opportunity to discover new artists.
The MAC blog features individual profiles, highlighting members who are making unique contributions to the Messianic arts community.

Work shown on the website reflects MAC's mission of the Messianic collective.

Artwork is submitted digitally and goes through a review process before acceptance.

Founding members and Leadership team include:
Heather Silverman – Visual Arts & Photography
Gwenn Schley – Visual Arts, Photography & Graphic Design
Danielah Blackburn – Culinary Arts, Jewelry & Writing
Aaron Kasden – Graphic Design & Music
Dan Schley – Art of Money
Jonathan Mahoney – Graphic Design & Visual Arts
Aaron Lease – Website Development

How to Connect:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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