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Because Jesus told us no one gets to the Father but through me.


We need a sinless human to die for all of our sin because we would all in up in hell if we died for our own sin. Yet, there is no sinless man and an angel can't die for all the world(an angel in not infinite even though sinless), so God is the only one who could die for all the world at once and for all time(because he is infinite and sinless). So, God came in the form of a man to be the sinless, once and for all time offering. There just is no other way to do it. It isn't that Yeshua is simply a middle man, he is the only way, the only man capable. Once forgiven, you have direct access to God because he has cleansed you. Yeshua lives in you and you become one with him and there is no "middle man" in a sense.
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