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Christopher Hassan

Paul was a devout .He was a Pharisee.He studied under Rabbi Gamaliel.He upheld the Law of Moses.


Paul was the Yin to Peter's Yang, Peter was a simple fisherman and was a simple honest working man. Paul was a scholar/lawyer by comparison he was very educated and needed to be with someone like Peter to understand the people who he'd be teaching. They are the perfect match of strengths that made the seed of Christianity flourish.

Geoff Robinson

Sounds like a good article. Too bad it is unavailable. Rabbi Saul (or Paul) was most certainly very Jewish if you read Acts or Paul's writings from the perspective that he is a Jewish Rabbi. It is our western thought process and predisposition that views Paul as changing Christianity to something not Jewish. As I have studied it, Paul did not walk away from Torah, he simply followed Yeshua's example and cut through the Rabbinic/Pharacitic man imposed fences on Torah issues.

Rich Robinson

Geoff, the links to those articles should be working now.
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