About Anti-Missionaries

Hazel Am3

Some have made a career of telling our Jewish people to say "no" to the idea that Y'shua could be the Messiah. Follow the links to learn more.


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I became a Christian because Judaism had holes in it and it made no sense. The more I read the Bible the less sense it made. I followed along to please my parents. Although It was the biggest shock to admit to my family I was living a lie and Jesus was the Messiah as described in Isiah 53, I was prayed for over the dead but I became more interested in Judaism and the meaning of Jewish Traditions after I became a Christian and bit by bit a better person. However Anti Missionaries don't have a valid leg to stand on, because Yeshua is the truth of the Bible as our Messiah, like it or not, you can't change the Bible. Gods truth wins out in the end. Anti Missionaries are fighting a battle against God's truth they can never win, with holes in their theology and lies against what the Bible really says even if they don't like the truth. If you battle Gods Word, the scriptures say his word will not return void. Gods Truth will come out in the end thel' fall on their faces.
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