Jay Sekulow: How a Jewish Lawyer from Brooklyn Came to Believe in Jesus

Life Story Jay Sekulow

I came to the courtroom early, before the proceedings began. The podium was adjustable, right? I lowered it. I'm five feet, seven and a half inches tall and the last thing I needed was to be standing up on the tips of my toes to reach the podium!

When I came back later, for the proceedings, I looked in the back row and there, sitting all together, were my good friends, Moishe Rosen (founder of Jews for Jesus, and at the time, executive director), Tuvya Zaretsky, Susan Perlman and Russ Reed (three of Jews for Jesus' board members), plus my wife, my parents, and a lady from the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners who accidentally sat in the wrong row! The thing that struck me was, when I looked back at the "Christian row" my parents were right in there. Whatever their feelings may be about my beliefs, they were there to support me. And I felt God's presence in that courtroom.

I wasn't too nervous until a couple of weeks before the trial, at which time I became pretty tense. I mean, for a while there, I was physically sick. I knew I was not the best. I don't generally lack confidence, but this was definitely the "big leagues." Despite all the commercial success I'd achieved as a lawyer, I knew that in the Supreme Court of the United States, I was basically just a kid. At age 30, I had to get special permission to defend the case. Yet, by the time I walked into the courtroom I felt great. I should have been a nervous wreck but I wasn't. People were praying for me and God came through.

The stairs I had to climb to get into that courtroom seemed like they were made for giants. And it felt like 14 flights, though I'm sure that's an exaggeration. I signed in with the clerk of the court, who, if I were Catholic, I would say he ought to be canonized. His job, in addition to the paperwork, is to create an air of friendliness which helps soothe last minute jitters. He tells you how it's going to be fun, you're going to enjoy it; everybody looks great--he helps everyone relax.

Next, I met the Marshal, who was decked out in a full-length tuxedo. Once the clerk helps the participants to relax, the Marshal underscores the formality of the whole procedure. He is the one who says "Oye, oye oye. The Supreme Court of the United States is now in session. All these gathered, draw nigh and speak your peace."

The room itself is awe inspiring. The ceilings in the Supreme Court of the United States are about 30-feet high, or at least they seem like it! They are painted very elaborately--lots of gold, with "Equal justice under the law" in big, fancy letters--and the most ostentatious Greco-Roman architecture imaginable. The justices come walking out in their big dark robes and slam down the gavel. I'm telling you my heart skipped a beat--it was very impressive. I was sitting about eight feet away from the justices, maybe ten. My opponent was just across a little podium from me; we were practically staring into each other's faces.

I knew God was present. It was clear. Even my parents, who don't believe like I do, said "the calmness was eerie." My wife (who does believe like I do) put it a little differently. She said she sensed the presence of the Spirit of God. My parents weren't sure what they sensed, but they knew it was something very much out of the ordinary.

The actual proceedings began with announcements of verdicts from previous cases. Then they started the day's docket. Our case was the first to be heard that day. I could hardly believe it when I heard them say, "Now we'll hear case #86-104: Board of Airport Commissioners et al. versus Jews for Jesus." While the justices were busy raking the opposing counsel over the coals, I was sitting with Barry Fisher (the civil rights attorney who assisted me) changing the strategy of our case. We saw where the judges were headed and we knew we'd have to reply to what was being said.

Half an hour later, I heard a voice call out, "Mr. Sekulow?" And I went up there. Me, a short Jewish guy from Brooklyn, New York, went before the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States to defend the constitutional right to stand in an airport and hand out tracts about Jesus!

I'd prepared my first sentence carefully, because I knew it might be my only opportunity to make a statement. I said: "Mr. Chief Justice, may it please the court, local governments have important interests to protect concerning the efficient operation of the airports under their jurisdiction; however, the facts in this case do not justify the repression of cherished first amendment freedoms based on a broad ban prohibiting all first amendment activities to take place." That's all I got to say. That was it. Because for the next half hour, they grilled me.

Justice Scalia and I got into a dialogue that reminded me of the teacher-student interactions from my days back in law school. He'd say "What if this and this?" and I'd have to answer him. There were times when I had to say, "Your honor, that's exactly what I did not say. You left out such and such." And so it went for the next thirty minutes of what was probably the most intense experience of my life.

I left the courtroom feeling like the Beatles must have felt leaving Shea Stadium. Or for those who might not know the Beatles, I felt like "Rocky" after the fight. If you don't know about Rocky, how about a prima ballerina after her first performance? Okay, so a ballerina I'm not, but I felt great! I knew God had brought me through that trial--and he'd brought me through much better than I'd dared to hope.

I had walked into the courtroom thinking about Jesus and how he overturned the moneychangers' tables at the Temple. Jesus was an activist; he stood up for what he knew was right. I drew strength from his example.

This case had already been decided in our favor by two lower circuit courts. The judges had ruled that people cannot be excluded from exercising first amendment rights in the airport.

I know it's a sidetrack, but the lawyer in me can't resist cautioning the reader against sympathizing too quickly with the airport commission, which is trying to restrict the distribution of religious literature. Whether or not one appreciates seeing individuals clad in "Jews for Jesus" T-shirts handing out literature at the airport is immaterial. If their rights of free speech are denied in the airport, who knows when and where you may eventually be denied your freedom of speech?

So now you know about my big day in the Supreme Court. And you've probably surmised that my interest in the case was from more than a purely legal perspective So how did a Jewish kid from New York get involved with Jesus? It happened like this....

I was born on June 10, 1956, in Brooklyn, but we moved to Long Island just after I was born and lived there until I was into my teens. My family attended a Reform synagogue in Long Island; it was not a fancy building, but I remember it had thick, plush drapes. It's funny, the things one remembers. I was very impressed with those drapes; I don't know, maybe because my friend's dad donated them. I liked Friday night services, which we attended about once a month, but Hebrew school, well, unfortunately, none of the kids in our class liked Hebrew school. We were not very well behaved. Sometimes I had the feeling the only reason the cantor didn't kick my friend and me out of the class (which he threatened to do) was because that was the friend whose dad donated the drapes!

"Religion" was not a big topic of discussion in our home. Sometimes my father referred to "The Supreme Being," but he usually reserved such references for the holidays. I didn't think much about God either. I do remember that when I was 13 years old, I'd exchange friendly insults with a Gentile friend of mine, a Catholic. We'd tease each other about our different backgrounds. We were never really serious about it, but I do remember wondering for a brief moment whether Shaun could possibly be right about Jesus. It seemed strange that such a thought would even enter my mind, but it left about as abruptly as it had come. I was pretty secure in my Jewish identity, which, as far as I knew included not believing in Jesus. Although we weren't "religious" we did many things to reinforce our culture and our heritage. I especially enjoyed the many Jewish celebrations: my bar mitzvah, for example.

That was a red letter day. Instead of my usual blue yarmulka with the white lining, I wore a white satin yarmulka with gold embroidery, and a tallis to match. Maybe my performance was leaning toward mediocre, but still, to be bar mitzvah signalled the end of Hebrew school and the thrill of "growing up."

Two years later, my family left New York and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. We joined a synagogue which I would describe as "very Reform." In contrast to our little Long Island synagogue, this one was quite elaborate. An ornate chandelier hung from the center of the beautiful domed ceiling; the ark was made of marble and gold, and we had gold velvet cushions on the seats to match.

As with the synagogue, our new home was also fancier than what we had in Long Island. It was a traditional two-story colonial brick house. Even with all the extra space, we still ended up congregating in the kitchen. It wasn't just for meals, although you'd better believe, my mother makes a great meat loaf. The kitchen was also the place for my parents, my two brothers, my sister and me to shmues and enjoy each other's company.

My high school grades were pretty much like my bar mitzvah Torah reading--mediocre. It wasn't dull wits or laziness, just a short supply of motivation. I actually enjoyed hard work. In fact, I went out and got a job just as soon as I could. By the time I was 17 years old, I was a night manager at a large department store called "Richway." I had my own set of keys and adult responsibilities. I always loved to work; it's just that I waited until college to start working at my grades.

My original plan was to attend a two-year college for some business education courses, and go straight back to work. After a short stint at the local junior college, I developed an appetite for learning and decided to enroll in a four-year school.

My desire to stay in Atlanta was probably the main reason I looked into Atlanta Baptist College (later known as Mercer University). I visited the school and found the friendly, small campus atmosphere appealing. To add to the appeal, the campus was only a five-minute drive from our house! "Dad," I asked, "Will it bother you if I go to a school that calls itself a Baptist college?" But my Dad is a pragmatic man.

"Baptist-shmaptist," he told me. "I'm glad you decided on a four-year college. Go ahead, get yourself a good education."

I enrolled in Atlanta Baptist College with a competitive determination to outstudy and outsmart "all the Christians." I did well in my pre-law studies, and attacked the mandatory Bible classes with a cynical confidence, certain that it would not be difficult to disprove "their" idea that Jesus was the Messiah.

I met a guy named Glenn Borders, whom I immediately labelled a "Jesus freak." Glenn took his religion seriously. There could be no doubt of that; he wore a big wooden cross around his neck! I knew of Jewish people who wore a rather large "chai" but I'd never seen anything the size of Glenn's cross. Despite his outward appearance, Glenn turned out to be a "regular guy." When we talked, I forgot about the big wood cross--maybe because Glenn wasn't trying to shove it down my throat. It turned out that Glenn played college sports, was active in the student government association, and he even managed to find time to be a good student. Glenn was the kind of person who was there to help if you needed him. He was a good friend. It was partly due to our friendship that my competitive attitude toward the Bible courses I was taking changed to an attitude of genuine curiosity.

Glenn suggested I read Isaiah 53. My mind was boggled by the description of the "suffering servant" who sounded so much like Jesus. I had to be misreading the text. I realized with relief that I was reading from a "King James" Bible, and after all, that's a "Christian" translation. So the first thing I said to Glenn after I read it was "Okay, now give me a real Bible." I grabbed the Jewish text, but the description seemed just as clear. Even though this caught my attention, I wasn't too worried. It still sounded like Jesus in the "Jewish Bible," but there had to be a logical explanation.

I began to research the passage and I started to look for rabbinic interpretations. That's when I began to worry. If I read the passage once, I'm sure I read it 500 times. I looked for as many traditional Jewish interpretations as I could find. A number of them, especially the earlier ones, described the text as a messianic prophecy. Other interpretations claimed the suffering servant was Isaiah himself, or even the nation of Israel, but those explanations were an embarrassment to me. The details in the text obviously don't add up to the prophet Isaiah or the nation of Israel. Did I ask the rabbis? No, I didn't ask the rabbis. I read what the rabbis had written over the years, beginning with ancient times, but frankly, I hadn't been too impressed with anyone I'd met lately. My last impression of what to expect from the Jewish religious establishment had been in a service where, when somebody sneezed the rabbi said, "God bless you." Then he said, "What am I saying? I don't believe in God."

I kept looking for a traditional Jewish explanation that would satisfy, but found none. The only plausible explanation seemed to be Jesus. My Christian friends were suggesting other passages for me to read, such as Daniel 9. As I read, my suspicion that Jesus might really be the Messiah was confirmed. That decision however, was strictly intellectual. I'd been struggling to resolve this question for about a year, and I was glad to have finally arrived at a decision.

How did I feel about believing that Jesus was the Messiah? Actually, I was half relieved. Once I'd gotten past the point of not wanting to know, once I took out my paper and pencil and began my lists of why Jesus was the Messiah on one side and why he wasn't on the other--I realized something. I had never felt the need for a Messiah before, but now that I was studying the prophecies and reading about what the Messiah was supposed to do, it sounded pretty good. I'd always thought my cultural Judaism was sufficient, but in the course of studying about the Messiah who would die as a sin bearer, I realized that I needed a Messiah to do that for me. When I concluded that Jesus was that Messiah, I was grateful. It didn't occur to me that I needed to do anything about it.

A few days later, one of my Christian friends invited me to hear Jews for Jesus' singing group, The Liberated Wailing Wall. You have no idea what a relief it was to see other Jews who believed that Jesus is the Messiah. Their presentation of "Jewish gospel music" and some of the things they said helped me realize that if I really believed in Jesus, I needed to make a commitment to him. At the end of the program, they sang a song called "I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel" and they invited people who wanted to commit their life to Jesus to come up the aisle to meet with them at the front of the church. I responded to that invitation. It was February, 1976.

I wasn't concerned about how my parents would respond. It didn't enter my mind that they might be upset. After all, Jesus was a Jew. I knew that much. I didn't see what the big deal would be about my believing he was the Jewish Messiah. He was Jewish, I was Jewish, I didn't see that there was any reason for us not to believe in him.

As I walked up the aisle in response to the invitation, I got my first hint that Jews who believe in Jesus are sometimes ostracized by family and friends. A lady I'd never met said, "If you get kicked out of your home tonight, you can stay with us." I had a very good relationship with my parents. I didn't smoke, drink, use dope--I didn't give them grief and we were always very close. Did this lady know something that I didn't?

As it turned out, my parents did not react the way I know that some families of Jewish believers have. But after what this woman had said, frankly, I was a little scared. I wasn't prepared for that kind of a reaction, so I decided I wouldn't say anything at first; I'd wait a while. But my relationship with my parents was such that I just couldn't do that. I could not keep such a major decision from them. I tried, but I really couldn't. I got home at about 11 p.m. and went to sleep. I woke up at about two o'clock in the morning. I couldn't go back to sleep, so what did I do? I went and woke my father. I told him I'd decided Jesus was our Messiah. His response was, "You decided?" And of course, he was implying, "Who are you to decide?" but he didn't elaborate. He just shook his head sleepily and said, "We'll talk about it in the morning."

Well, morning came, and he didn't say a word about it. Neither did I. My parents knew I believed in Jesus; they knew I was getting literature from Jews for Jesus because I was living at home and they saw it. In fact, I know they read some of it out of curiosity. Sometimes I'd find it in the "reading room" (the bathroom)--not in the trash--just out where it was obvious that my dad had been looking over it. Since I was living under their roof, I felt if they didn't want to discuss it, I should leave well enough alone. Our relationship didn't change and I have always been grateful that whatever my parents might think of my beliefs, they love and respect me enough to prevent any disagreement from tearing us apart.

It wasn't until three years later that my parents and I actually discussed the subject of Jesus. I was in law school at Mercer at the time. Jews for Jesus ran a gospel statement in the Macon paper, "The Messiah has come and his name is Y'shua." My parents either came across the ad, or I showed it to them; I don't remember which. We discussed it; they didn't agree, but they were never hostile. They knew I was still Jewish; they knew I hadn't undergone any drastic personality changes--I wasn't involved with some strange cult.

I got married in 1978 on my birthday, June 10. I had just completed my first year of law school. I went on to graduate from law school in the top 5% of my class. I began my career at law as a tax prosecutor for the IRS. It was the best experience I could have had. In one sense it's a miserable job; prosecuting people for fraud and tax evasion never won anybody a popularity contest. I even had a few death threats from time to time. What made it worthwhile was the fact that I was trying as many as twelve cases per week. It was phenomenal. That kind of experience can really launch a person into a terrific career--if the person wins their cases, which I did. I stayed with the IRS for about eighteen months, then my name came up for a transfer which I didn't want to take.

At that point, I figured, "If I'm going to set up private practice, now is the time to do it." So I rented space with a friend from law school. Our monthly overhead was about $1600. I thought that was a fortune! I didn't have a client, not one, but I did have some good contacts. In less than eight months, my firm was up to nine lawyers, two full- time CPAs and three para-legals. We were the fastest growing firm in Atlanta. How did we do it? We took on some pretty controversial cases and won. We were known as very tough litigators and we developed a rapport and a good client base. When people were in trouble, they went to Sekulow and Roth.

Stuart Roth and I could hardly believe that our clients were paying us these $25,000 and $35,000 retainers, and here we were just 26 years old. But despite the fact that we were very young, when clients walked out of our office, they knew we were taking care of them.

Both my family and business life were flourishing. My wife and I had a son. In addition to the law practice, I began a real estate development firm which grossed over $20 million after the first year.

I kept in touch with Jews for Jesus and became a member of their board of directors. Business continued to flourish and Pam and I had another son. Yet there was something else I wanted to do. I thought more and more about using my legal skills to serve God. In 1986 I became the Jews for Jesus General Legal Counsel. That is how I happened to be defending a case before the Supreme Court of the United States, as described at the beginning of my story.

Incidentally, the verdict on that case was unanimous. The decisions of the lower circuit courts were upheld, and the Supreme Court declared the airport's resolution to curtail first amendment rights unconstitutional. Since the trial is over, however, I can devote myself to C.A.S.E: Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism. That is what we've named the new organization which will be defending the legal rights of individuals and organizations who are telling the gospel--specifically in issues relating to access, as in parks, college campuses, street corners, and of course, airports. We will work with other groups to ensure that the access to first amendment rights remains protected. It's pretty scary to think that the day could come when people might be prohibited from expressing their beliefs in a public forum. The public, of course, has the right to refuse the literature. If people are annoyed that there are Jews (and others) who believe in Jesus, then so be it. But there are people who are looking for God, for answers to the question of how to know him. They need to hear the good news about the Messiah, and we must protect our right to tell them.

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ITS VERY IMPRESSIVE;i thank "GOD" for really answering some of my questions,i believe that your one of the instruments that GOD has been using,to spread out the HOLY GOSPEL,since my belief that those who are poor are only entitled to receive and listen the GOSPEL,BUT HERE YOU ARE GOD GIVE ME THE PROOF THAT,BOTH JEWS and GENTILES have a privilege to believe and to accept that JESUS IS THE MESSIAH.i pray to GOD that you may continue to serve the LORD GOD untill the day has come.may GOD BLESS US ALL,,!


Our God is an Awesome God. Thank you for sharing your testimony; it served to encourage me to keep at it, to keep sharing my faith in Jesus Christ as the Messiah to my Jewish friends. May God continually bless you and Jews for Jesus.


I feel God has led me to your story of coming to Christ. I will be passing this on to my brother, who has denounced Christ and became a Jew, by religion, not birth. I feel he is "searching for love in all the wrong places", as they say. Please pray for my brother and his wife's salvation! Also, I think your work is outstanding, and it helped my to tell my boss to back down or else, that I'll never cease to talk about my Lord Jesus Christ and he can't stop me! Keep up the good fight and God bless you and your family! Jessica


Jay, You are a blessing! I thank God for using you in a time when our nation needs godly people to stand up for righteousness and truth. Please know that there are many, many other christian men and women that are moved by the Spirit of God to pray and support Jews for Jesus and the American Center for Law and Justice. Your commitment to "contend for the faith," only confirms the truth regarding our nation, its Constitutional (intent) and those who vigorously defend her greatness. May the LORD continue to sustain you and these ministries for Jesus' sake.


Shalom, Thank you for sharing your testimony. I wondered how you came to believe in your Jewish Messiah. I saw you and your Father on the 700 club at the former concentration camp. I pray one day soon all your family will believe in Jesus. SNM


Being of an orthodox Jewish background, saved for over 34 years, its always a great delight to hear another living testimony of Gods wonderful Grace in Jesus (Yeshua) Omein!


Hi this is a beautiful story. I think it is also great that Jews are excepting that Jesus is the one true and only God. I also feel it is our jobs as christians to get the word out that people will except christ as there saviour. We all have a Job here that God wants us to fulfill on earth.


Amazing to see how The holy spirit works!! Blessings from Israel!


I cried when i first saw this website...i thought i saw a light but it turned out to be my ciggeret lighter I though no-one could be as dumb as you lot are.......BUT I WAS WRONG......I REALLY DO HOPE THAT GOD SAVES YOU AND GIVES YOU A BRAIN IF HE CAN SPARE ONE.........omein


Brother Sekulow, I would like to know of any Jews for Jesus in the area south of Detroit, Michigan. Also, do you continue to keep the Sabbath? When we Gentiles accept Christ as Savior, we become adopted sons and daughters and Israelites. Therefore, I believe we are expected to keep the Sabbath as are the ethnic Israelites. What is your opinion? Thank you and may His blessings continue to pour down upon you and your's. Nellie


It was wonderful to read your testimony, thank you for sharing it. I have friends who live in Tel Aviv and it is wonderful to hear how God is working among His people, bringing them to Him through our Messiah. What an awesome awesome God we have and I really was touched to read your testimony, and so glad you accepted Jesus as your personal savior. God Bless you :)


Jay.. I am a Gentile who learned about Yeshua through Jewish believers...They made it clear in God's word who the Messiah is and what he had accomplished for me on the execution stake...The Torah tells about his coming...In fact, all of scripture is about Yeshua HaMashiach..Moishe Rosen is correct when he states that ever thing is secondary to him. Thank you for you stand for Yeshua our Lord and Savior...Wayne Lowe


i'm so happy you are a believer plus defending our rights to spread the word....... thanks for letting our Lord do this through you.. what an encouragement


Jay, Wonderful testimony! Amazing that in this age of grace Jews are coming to know the Messiah promised to them. Amazing and does my soul good to hear about the stories of salvation.


I am overjoyed that you have taken up the fight . i listen to you on the radio and it gives me great comfort, in these times. God has and will continue to bless you ,


Dear Brother Jay, I cried when I read your story! I have been praying for awhile now that a jewish broadcaster on internet radio would come to know the Lord and realize Jesus is the Messiah. Remember this: The heart of God is the father, the face of God is Jesus, but the hand of God is the church. You are his instrument, may he continue to bless you and your family!


I am a christain that is truly in love with Jesus-our Lord and Savior.I read you message &I know you are a great witness to all the people not just the Jews.Blessed are the Jews such as yourself who accept Jesus as the Messiah& who are sharing the good news.A lady I know lovesGod-but I do not know if she accepts Jesus as the true Messiah,she is a Jew.She is the most wonderful person & I am fortunate to have met her entire family,the husband is catholic. I will continue to pray that God will open the door for me to witness to her when I am suppose to.The family go to the Jewish temple once in awhile ,the husband does not go to church.I am so blessed to be able to read your message,I am encouraged to see my friend again & share Jesus with her.May His blessings continue to flow upon your family.JS


Sounds like the money and fame got to you ole boy after reading what all you have your hands into. You are an embarrassment to us all. Christians should not do what you have been accused of doing and it sounds like Mr. Mauro got the facts. Shame on you.


You said: " My last impression of what to expect from the Jewish religious establishment had been in a service where, when somebody sneezed the rabbi said, "God bless you." Then he said, "What am I saying? I don't believe in God." Wow. Where do I begin? Let me just say that Jews believe in God. The holiest prayer for us is the Shema, which proclaims the unity and sovereignty of God. The majority of our other prayers also proclaim that God our almighty Lord is one. For you to say that a Rabbi said he didn't believe in God is absolute insanity. You were either in the wrong temple with the wrong "Rabbi", or you're completely making that up. How could you even say that so freely? Do you feel ashamed? You just put on the internet that a Rabbi said he does not believe in God. What is wrong with you? You are only fooling the lost people who actually believe this giant embarrassment to humanity, which you call Jews for Jesus.


Thanks Jay, for sharing your testimony. I am a Christian who lives in Mexico and has some Jew friends, but I have not been able to reach them and make them understand the love that Jesus has for them. I am so glad that this organization exists, and I am sure that God will reach them; I keep praying for this to happen, but your testimony is very inspiring. Thanks again.


I really enjoyed your article Jay. It will be good for other's to read for insight in how to live their christian lives in front of others like your friend in college. It also shows how to correctly approach our Jewish friends with the Bible. I appreciate your parents, I know of a young Jewish woman who when she became a Jewish Christian her whole family rejected her. Quite a cost, but she had found her savior in Jesus and did not turn back. Keep up the good work, it does make a difference.


I'm wondering where Alana's anger comes from. Is it anger from knowing the truth and not being able to accept it. Do you know how many Jews I have met who claim they are not sure God exists?? That is what the Reform faith has become. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Thank God Jay found that out. I pray you will too


Dear Jay: How interesting your article was to me! I am in a bit of shock regarding the "Rabbi" who did not believe in God, but I am more interested in this mixture of Jewishness and Chritianity. In researching our family tree I have discovered that we may have descended from Jews who were forced to recant their faith and become catholic in 15th century England. I am quite fascinated with the Jews because as a person who became a Jehovah's witness I have studied the Bible quite extensively and believe that the Jews were God's chosen people and an example for Christians to follow. I would love to hear more from you--have you by chance written any further? Sincerel y, Cecilia Vail Hampton


Hi. Great article! I would like to say bravo to all the Jews who stand up for their Messiah inspite of there counter parts dis owning them! It took me 15 yrs or more to be faithful to Jesus! And I'm a Gentile! Talk about shame! The shame of my face has covered Me!


What a Nice Article.The blessing that was ment for esau went to jacob, became much more in the person of Jesus Christ and was given to the gentiles.I want to thank you for keeping the word of God for thousands of years and we got benefits of it.My Question is when will the converted jews preach the word to the chinese according to issia? posted by the simple Copt


Jay's story brought joy and excitement for me. I'm thankful for his service and to have C.A.S.E as a valuable resource in today's changing and conflict filled world. I admire Jay's courage and how wonderful it is to know his parents love him and not reject him for his beliefs; that kind of love is precious. It's also a blessing to observe a godly man who inspite of success remains committed to his marriage, friends and family. Our generation needs role models like him. Thank you Jay for your transparency. I've been an ongoing supporter of ACLJ. Like I always say, when you become a Christian, you not only become a child of God, you inherit an instant family of committed and dedicated Christian brothers and sisters who will love you anytime anywhere regardless of status because we are one body in Christ! blessings, Jackie


When Jay talked about the rabbi who said he did not believe in God, my thought was, it's a problem in Christendom too.

Robin Polin

Jay is execellant attorney I ever had. He did come here to help my lawyer to work on my case since my jewish parents brought me to the court for being incompetent and brainwashed because I am deaf and jewish to believe in Jesus when I was 18 years old 24 years ago. He did speak to the media about my court case. I won the case at High court after I lost my case to district court and appealed to High Court. GOD BLESS JAY AND PAM SEKULOW!


I really don't understand this need to "spread the word". You can believe I am lost, I honestly don't care, just leave me and mine alone because I reject all your teachings. I know, so sad for me, boo hoo. Bottom line though is that Jews do NOT proselytize, so STOP.

Robin Polin

Quoting cc:
I really don't understand this need to "spread the word". You can believe I am lost, I honestly don't care, just leave me and mine alone because I reject all your teachings. I know, so sad for me, boo hoo. Bottom line though is that Jews do NOT proselytize, so STOP.

I keep wondering how you have thought of our Messiah Y'shua after you left comment here 6 years ago. GOD has a word to say for us to share the Gospel of our Y'shua to everyone accrording the Scripture saying.


Dear cc: Who said, or where is it written, that "the bottom line is Jews do not proselytize"? And how can you say you "honestly don't care" whether someone thinks you are lost, and in the next breath demand that Jewish believers in Jesus "stop" telling you about Him? If He is so irrelevant to you, tune us out like a mortgage ad. Here is the real bottom line: if you don't care, why do you care?


Christina, I hope you know how precious you are to the Messiah, Jesus. Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Guilt, shame and condemnation do not come from the Lord, they come from the enemy. Pray this scripture and 1 John 1:9. God looks down and sees the beauty of our Savior in your life. It's definitely a process. Repentence, brokeness, freedom and healing! I hope you will or have experienced His spiritual healing and have been made whole in Christ the Lord! By the way, I loved this article and I listen and pray for Jay! God BLess, Steph

Frank Onofrio

Jay Sekulow's story rings true to me, even his comment about the rabbi saying, "I don't believe in God". Of course, this was probably a Reformed rabbi, in the USA. I am a Gentile reading through the very good book, What to Say When They Say I'm Jewish, by Dr. Fenton Ward & available from Jews for Jesus. I was surprised by just how many Jews in the USA must be "secular" Jews that may or may not believe in God, may or may not believe in life after death & may or may not believe in the reliability of the Scriptures. I think Jews for Jesus is doing a good job to try and reach their own people for Christ, but we Gentiles are not relieved of our responsibility to also try and reach them. Unfortunately, much harm has been done in the past to the Jews by people who called themselves "Christians" in the past.

Magen Israel

Shame on you! Selling your birthright for a couple of pennies! You may protect the right of Jews of Jesus to tell our people whatever they want. It does not, however, matter that the feedback will be positive. It would be more honest of you to protect the oil companies. Have you ever heard that it is a more lucrative business than betraying the people you belong to. Shame on you and your employers! Why do you destroy your career with your own hands?

Susan Kassinger

Shalom, I am a Christian(heathen) whom believes Jesus's words and ways.In the word he says,Learn of me.This tells me learn also of his roots ,ways that are pleasing to the Father,so I would like to learn Judaism and these ways and I do believe for me and many it is thru Jesus Christ that I may come boldly to the Father.And this also is a return of his people(seed).Where have I started?Hebrew4chris tians.com I would also like to go to Temple and learn and then help other proclaimed Christians.Return to what is indeed The first Commandment.This is alot like your start but turned around!lol.Any advice?

JoAnne Harrison

Thank you Jay for your very inspiring Testimony! I don't find Jay's statement of the Rabbi who said, he doesn't believe in God strange. There are also pastors who preach every day and do not believe in God! I have heard statements of "you don't really believe that stuff do you?" People who follow Jesus Christ, know that in Christ, there is neither Greek, Nor Jew! We are brothers and sisters in Christ! My prayer is for unity for the body of Christ! Jay is loyal to Jesus Christ, and that should be all of our first priority! God bless you Jay! God bless Israel and Jerusalem! Come soon Lord God! It's not about us folks, it is all about Jesus. For those who reject Jesus, whether Jew or Greek, there is no other way to God, but through Jesus Christ, and nothing we say will convince you of that, since you reject the very words of God!


Thank you for your inspirational story. I am a little of the opposite, meaning that I grew up with a Catholic background, and my father is a Baptist Minister. I have always been drawn to Jewish traditions, but refuse to give up my faith in Jesus Christ. I found a temple full of people just like me and felt the presence of GOD all around me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged. My Mother did not take my conversion well, and it is inspiring to hear that I am not alone. To this day my mother's side does not approve. I am a traitor at best. We still love eachother, but I am now described as the one who broke my family's heart. My father, oddley enough is more than supportive of me. He tells me that if this is how I know GOD and Christ, then so be it. Thank you for your honesty and for bringing people like me hope. GOD bless you, CASE, Jews for Jesus and the ACLJ.

Peter Min

God bless you, Jay. I used to listen to you on my favorite radio station (I moved out of the area and I can't find you anymore), and I always wondered how you came to know the Lord. Now I know. Thank you for sharing. I know that Moishe Rosen came to believe in Jesus through that one verse in Daniel 9. Isn't it amazing how God can work wonders through his Word? Your ministry through CASE and ACLJ is so invaluable to our society today. Keep up the good works and God bless you, your family and your ministries. I'll be praying for your parents' salvation, who seem to be wonderful folks.

Charles S

Thanks Jay, I really enjoyed your article about going before the courts. I am an older gentleman(Southern Baptist)and have met a wonderful Jewish lady. We are both divorced. Is it wrong for me to try and convert her to my beliefs in Jesus-right up front? What should I do? Thanks, Charle s S., Austin, Texas


Doesn't surprise me. If a convicted felon can give his life to the Lord and accept his "christian label" all the more power to Mr. Sekulow. A certain Rearrangement of friends is sometimes necessary at times when you put Y'shua (Jesus) in charge. The Lords' blessing to JfJ.


I think upholding first amendment rights, is not only commendable, but provides the link to uphold the rest of them. Th Lord bless you, Mr. Sekulow


Jay, Congratulation s on using your charisma in the political as well as the legal arena, in a way no other person could.

Dawne Caldwell

Alana: I know another Alana, 12 years old, who drowned in the ocean and was miraculously brought back to life. She loves Jesus who made Himself real to her in this way. I pray that you will allow Jesus to make His love real to you. To Him, the things you say about Him are of little merit. He loves you, undonditionally.

Denisa Berger

Dear Jay, It is absolutely thrilling that the Lord has raised you up for such as time as this in our history. May the Lord use you in even more powerful ways and may you have the heart of Queen Esther who laid it all on the line for her people.


I have listened and learned from Jay for years, I did not know he was a jewish believer. Praise the L-rd!


Curtis sounds jealous. Jay is in no way an embarrassment to me nor millions of others. What a testimony, and what blessings he has received.


I used to watch Jay on TBN and on the 700 Club. I no longer am able to get those stations, so I don't see him anymore on tv. I am so proud of him for the work he is doing for those who can't afford a lawyer and are being discriminated against because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

joe guthrie

Hey Jay, Awesome! I'm a Christian and your testimony is very profound. Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing. I have so much respect for you! Peace, Joe Guthrie


Jay, You have an awesome testimony ...have you read any of David K Bernard's books (especially on 1 God)? For anyone seeking complete truth they are a must read. May God continue to bless you !!


Im crying now; Im thinking of an old friend I knew at 11 or 12 yrs. old.Jay Finegold, Long Island N.Y> I pray to Y'Sua that youread this beautiful blessed story of how loved you are. Im so sorry I missed your barmitzva my parents wouldnt let me go.. Thank Jay for being you and sharing your Spiritual Account. Bless all in the body of CHRIST. SKD


What makes you a Christian? Why do you call yourself a Christian?


Jean - A Christian is someone who follows Jesus as Messiah, whether they are Jewish or Gentile (non-Jewish.)

Dianna Smith

WOW, I loved your testimony! It's amazing when Jesus opens our eyes and ears to understanding. It is like being blind and now can see. God Bless You!

Sandy W

I listen to you on radio 5 days a week and always wondered about your faith. Now I know of your faith. God bless you for your testimony and for your efforts for His Truth.

Alan H. Pines

This was most Encouraging for my part! I must've been the one who was thrown out of the house for my new found belief, though I still keep and cherish the bible book that started it all!

Steve Nichols

I am Jewish. Will always be. I am also well educated (MBA, JD); I went to TCU in Fort Worth. Many of my gentile friends referred me to Isiah 53...which if read by itself, is at the very least, intellectually tormenting...however , if you read Isiah 52 and 53 together, as they were written, one can't help but come to the conclusion that the Jesus narrative is not that predicted in Isiah...Isiah was Jewish, he was writing to Jews from a Jewish Intellectual point of reference...you have to keep that in mind when reading the Prophets...they were all based on the Jewish experience...not the "Christianized" interpretation. I do not belive that the Jesus story is that referenced in Isiah or any part of the Torah or the Jewish Bible.

Rich Robinson

Of course much of the New Testament was written by Jews to Jews (or to Jews and Gentiles, some of which had long participated in Jewish life - the "God-fearers"). Likewise they were writing from a Jewish intellectual point of reference - as the first followers of Jesus were all Jews, followed by Gentile God-fearers, followed by other Gentiles...)


Jay, I'm from New Zealand. I see you on TV on Daystar.
I'm most interested in your conversion. In 2 days time I'm
meeting a Jewish friend who has leukaemia and he is
seriously ill. I'll be praying for his healing, a 'MIRACLE'
and his conversion. I am a r. catholic , and believe seperation of christians is a scandal. I was recently
baptised in the Holy Spirit and feel impowered. Please pray for Martin and myself. Will be in contact.


This is another beautiful story about your one on one relationship with the LORD GOD. It is amazing how HE is calling people from all nations to HIMSELF through HIS son JESUS CHRIST. Rabbi Kaduri a 108 yr. old teacher who was revered in Israel posted his message about Jesus Christ is the name of the Messiah. GOD's Will is being done on Earth as it is in Heaven and no one or nothing can stop HIM. HE chose to save all of you for a reason and may your lives continued to be blessed as you all grow to know HIM.

Jennifer R. Kubicki

I wanted to thank you for your faithfulness in spreading the word that Jesus is the only way to a life everlasting. Only through the blood of the Lamb of God are we “Born Again, and our sins removed - that God can stand to view us in His Holy presence.” If it were not for “A Jew For Jesus” handing out Pro-Jesus pamphlets in the Jay Street Subway station (around 1987) was I provoked to jealousy and thought "Wow - this strange Jewish person is ON-FIRE for Jesus and I'm so distant from what I believed as a child and brought up in the church - I'm really missing something here." This just shook me up and periodically I would dig in my purse to read the pamphlet on the subway and maybe it just knocked a kind of blindness off of me. Well, the bottom line here is that I want to THANK Every Jewish person who takes the time to share with people that Jesus is the long awaited Jewish Messiah - God with us!

Penny Wallett

I just want you to know I admire what you stand for and the choices you've made. I would love to meet you and your wife one day but I'm pretty sure that will never happen. May Our Lord and Saviour Bless You and Keep You Safe!!!!


I don't know if someone can read and respond to this. I was raised in a Baptist home, but never committed to Jesus until age 33. I started attending a Messianic synagogue last year and was drawn in. I feel God calling me to attend a local Conservative synagogue that welcomes interfaith couples (so is somewhat open) and to gently witness to them. He (God) gives me ideas on how this could be done without being too obvious. I just need guidance on how to make sure that this is God leading me to go there. I do have someone that can help advise, but I wondered if readers have any ideas. I have a heart to see people saved. Will I be ostracized terribly when I tell them I am a Messianic Jew?


Don't do it. It is incredibly disrespectful to go into someone's house of worship and try to convert people to another religion. Believe as you will, but leave Jews (and other non-Christians) to do the same, in peace.


So helping people escape hell is disrespectful?


Do it, but go there to make friends. You should not have to hide who you are. What I believe to be "incredibly disrespectful" is to have to hide from friends who you are. True friends accept you the way you are and do not demand that you change or shut-up. I expect you will do likewise. Do not pretend to be someone you are not to get access, but at the same time don't sound a trumpet at your arrival. Unfortunately people have been prejudiced by those intellectually dishonest, those that don't want to engage in civil discussion on this subject. You should be discreet, like Hadassah (Queen Esther), until you figure out what you are surrounded with.


Many Jews feel deep apathy if not outrage over Messiah, as all they know of Him is that Gentiles have been persecuting Jews for centuries in His Name. They think of Christ as a Gentile man, and not as the Messiah who loves them and died for them, a Jew who fulfils Jewish prophecy. If you're seeking God's leading on how to witness, put it in His hands. Ask our Messiah to show you how and where to go. I have learned the hard way that not every strong feeling of the heart is actually a prompting from God.

Janet M. Varona

Dear Jay God Bless You, your wife, family and Legal Staff. I
have watched and prayed for you since the beginnings of TBN. I am a retired female Deputy Sheriff. The Lord kept me on life support after the women who struck my police car died. Every specialist necessary to perform brain surgery, etc. was there that night 04/07/89 when I was taken to a brand new Emergency "Trauma" Room. I was left in I.C.U. with less ten 0% chance of survival. The Lord is reminding me of the testimonies I have to tell of His love and faithfullness ~can you suggest some beginners writer
editor stuff or whatever? I ask you because you know the Law ~ and abide by the only Life, the Way and the Truth which is the word of God. All replies are confidently. Love U.

Mark Schneider

Mr. Sekulow, this article was just referenced in the Jewish Forward. If you want to be a Christian, go ahead, but please do not refer to yourself as Jewish in doing so. Your new position with Jeb Bush is extremely worrisome, especially if Jewish Republicans are misled into thinking that you are in any way Jewish, and subsequently vote for a Republican for president. All I can say about your endeavors is "shame on you". Please do not involve the Hebrew Bible in your nefarious beliefs.


Hi Mark,
Jesus is 100% Jewish, and more than being Jewish, He is also the Son of Man, in that He came to represent all of humanity, as the Advocate, Justifier and Sanctifier, because the Jewish God is also the Creator of all Gentiles.
Please read Isaiah 53 with an open heart, and ask G-d to reveal Himself if Jesus is indeed the Messiah. Try it, and He will answer, as He answered by fire when asked by Elijah.


So Zachary, you are asking me to believe...
For about 100,000 years, God looked on the world with indifference. Then, about 2000 years ago, He decided to get involved. So instead of a big proclamation, he devises a plan. He gets a woman pregnant (without her permission...hmmmm) and sends his 'son' on a suicide mission, knowing that he will be killed. Now, you tell me that Jesus died for our sins, which is patently immoral. You cannot forgive sins because then you are absolved of your responsibility. Conclusion: It's all total nonsense which would not be too bad, if millions of people haven't died for this fakery.

Soma Wallett

May the Lord Jesus continue to bless and keep you all the days of your life.

Linda Griffin

Thank-you so much for Jay's story. I used to watch him when he would be on the 700 Club with Pat, when we all were much younger! I enjoyed hearing how he came to faith in Y'shua, I had never heard that very important part. And the picture painted with words of the Supreme Court, all of it, wow! I actually felt like I was there and experienced it, too. Thanks again! L. Griffin

Guy Madden

WOW, I'm glad I read this background testamony on Jay Sekulow. Is your brother also a Christian and a lawyer? I gave a small donation just before reading this because I believe in the ACLJ and what this organization stands for. My wife and I sign your petitions as well. We will keep you in our prayers and thank you for fighting these legal battles on our behalf. Guy


I had to look you up Jay since I see you a lot on FOX news, I also tune in to ACLJ and sometimes make a small contribution. I thought you were Jewish! Remarkable work you and the ACLJ does. Remember the old movie with the Nuns and Sidney Pointier? Maybe you are being used by God for His Good.

Kathy Wayts

Jay, thank you for sharing your story. I have received a great many emails from the ACLJ, and I have wondered about you. Your story confirms what I told my husband this afternoon: that I believe you are a courageous professional, confronting powerful political figures who are misusing their positions. The fight against evil is hugely important. I believe that you were born for such a time as this. Thank you for your efforts to save and preserve what is good and beautiful about about the government of this country: our personal freedoms, built-in checks and balances on governmental entities, and the rule of law. You give us hope that there can be a re-institution of appreciation for the priceless value of integrity.


Hi Jay,
I was a Christian not long ago but now a Messianic believer. Your story of how you came to Messianic faith fascinates me; it is somewhat similar to Paul Liberman's story.
I listen to aclj.org live every day & learned a lot from you. I am so glad we have someone like you to fight for law and justice
for us and the world. I admire and respect what you do and what you believe in.
Keep up the good work and God Bless!


So AWESOME that I came across this tonight. I've been listening to Jay since I got saved 13 years ago I had no idea he is Jewish:-)!! What an amazing testimony of God's power and love.
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