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What is the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead?


We who have Faith know Jesus Christ rose from the dead, also many have been martyred (including Paul) for their testimony of truth and people DO NOT die for a lie. They have the grave sites in Rome and other places for he Apostles and Disciples of Lord Jesus Christ.


How are you not ashamed to put this online as your official answer to a good question? The first part is just pathetic. How do I know that a mango spoke to me and predicted the events of 9/11? Well, we who have faith know that it's the Truth!
And the second part isn't much better. Have you never heard of someone dying for a lie? The 39 people that commited suicide in 1997 in San Diego, followers of Heaven's Gate, believed they would be picked up by a spaceship following in the tail of the comet Hale-Bopp!
How about all the Jews that rather died than convert to Christianity during the crusades and Inquisition?

Rich Robinson

Tobias, What would you consider good evidence? BTW ChristianPerson84 isn't our "official answer" it was somebody's comment.


Quoting Rich Robinson:
Tobias, What would you consider good evidence? BTW ChristianPerson84 isn't our "official answer" it was somebody's comment.

All I'm saying is that "we who have faith..." is not a logical argument and neither is the argument that people don't die for a lie.
On your website there is a lot of "if you believe you'll know it's the Truth" and "just open your heart and you'll feel that it must be so" et cetera.
These kind of "arguments" are immature.

Rich Robinson

I agree, it's never a good argument to say just believe. Faith is based on reasonable evidence - in religion and in everyday life. Re: people dying for a lie, I think that point was originally about not dying for something *you know* to be a lie, answering the idea that the disciples just made up the resurrection, knowing it was fabricated. BTW recent book is The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach by Mike Licona for those who like to delve into the subject.


Why do people keep saying there is historical writings of Jesus Christ when there is none ,There is no historical proof outside of the Bible to the existance of Christ !!!! ,I've seen what was suspose to be but it's in a language only two people in this world can read ,And since I've caught Christians lying many times to save their faith I can't believe anything they say !!!

Rich Robinson

I have no idea what you are talking about, about a language only two people know. Try a book like Evidence for the Historical Jesus at

Anyway, the historical evidence for a lot of well known ancient people is based on 1 or 2 what's the difference?


Anyway, the historical evidence for a lot of well known ancient people is based on 1 or 2 what's the difference?

The difference is that the other historical people you refer to do not have a bearing on my (struggling) belief in an eternal soul.

A Christian would say that pretty much everything rides on this. I personally am finding the ability to 'just believe' beyond me.

I have said Jesus is my Lord and savior, and that he died for my sins. I read a little Bible everyday. I try to pray regularly, though perhaps not enough. I have tried to have a relationship with the lord.

The bottom line is that the rational mind may want more than the brief life we currently have, but that same rational mind has a near impossible time strictly believing in much of the Bible.


You asked the question, "What is the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead?". My answer is simple - an empty tomb. If the Nazarene was executed and his body sealed in a tomb as described, then any report of his resurrection could have been easily quelled by a simple presentation of the Carpenter’s corpse. Either by the Romans or the Jewish leaders, both would have been more than happy to crush the hopes of any new “Christian” movement. And you'd believe that bumbling disciples (i.e. fisherman and tax collectors with no military training) could devise a scheme to steal a body from a sealed tomb? From under the noses of trained Roman killers of the Judean Sixth Legion? Even after being assigned the task by the Roman Procurator himself? That my friend, would take more Devine intervention than a resurrection itself!
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