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David Holmes

I personally believe that all the scriptures are esoteric symbolism and allegory cloaked in history and are to be read as spiritual allegory based on myth, since we are talking about things beyond language this method of teaching is truly ingenious. It got the books by the Roman Orthodox Inquisition while maintaining the core message. Dogma aside, the bible is to be read like one would interpret a dream. everyone in the dream is an extension of ones self. So rather Yeshua was a real person or not makes no difference in the reading of the bible. I believe him to be a myth, as is Buddha and Krishna, and that fact takes away nothing of the message. This was the way scriptures were written, and taking them historically loses the meaning most definitely.


I hope you are right, David. But What if you are wrong? I'm pretty sure that it doesn't take a scientist to figure out, that there is gravity yet we can't see it. It's a principle, a law. Who placed this law in the first place? It was not the Homo sapiens. But wait, we have this thing inside of us called souls and conscience. Our conscience know inherently what is good and what is evil. God said that He would put these laws on our hearts, and they will know Him as their God, they will be His people.

Robert Moore

The following article may be helpful in establishing the historicity of Jesus. It is posted by Dr. William Craig, with part of the response taken from a debate with Stephen Law.
Also consider "The Case for Christ," by Lee Strobel.
In regards to the Inquisition, "Seven Lies About Catholic History," by Diane Moczar. She addresses myths surrounding the inquisition in Chapter 4.
"For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we had been eyewitnesses of his majesty."
2 Peter 16 (Versus 20-21 are also relevant to this discussion.)
Here is a video describing some of the similarities and differences between Jesus, Krishna and Buddha:


Would also like to add a link to a free recording hosted through Catholic Answers Live where Steve Ray answers the following question, which the first caller asked:

"There are resurrection myths in many ancient cultures. Why isn't the resurrection of Jesus just another one of the myths?"


Nikola Dimitrov

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Nikola Dimitrov / admin


Regarding literature claiming Jesus never existed, the atheist scholar Bart Ehrman said, "none of this literature is written by scholars trained in New Testament or early Christian studies teaching at the major, or even the minor, accredited theological seminaries, divinity schools, universities, or colleges of North America or Europe (or anywhere else in the world). Of the thousands of scholars of early Christianity who do teach at such schools, none of them, to my knowledge, has any doubts that Jesus existed. He goes on to say, "Those who do not think Jesus existed are frequently militant in their views and remarkably adept at countering evidence that to the rest of the civilized world seems compelling and even unanswerable… The reality is that whatever else you may think about Jesus, he certainly did exist." This is in his book "Did Jesus Exist".


In a similar vein, the scholar N.T. Wright said, "It is quite difficult to know where to start, because actually the evidence for Jesus is so massive that, as a historian, I want to say we have got almost as much good evidence for Jesus as for anyone in the ancient world… But in Jesus’ case, the evidence all points firmly back to the existence of this great figure in the 20s through to around 30 of the first century. And the evidence fits so well with what we know of the Judaism of the period (although much of it was written down a generation later) that I think there are hardly any historians today, in fact I don’t know any historians today, who doubt the existence of Jesus... No Jewish, Christian, atheist, or agnostic scholars have ever taken that seriously since [literature claiming Jesus didn't exist]. It is quite clear that in fact Jesus is a very, very well documented character of real history. So I think that question can be put to rest. "There is a God" p.187-188


Don't let this these Pseudo-intellectuals fool anyone. there is absolutely no evidence that Jesus ever existed. The only material mentioning Jesus at all is Christian religious literature. The silence of Philo and any other contemporary Roman source is deafening. The quote by Josephus is a well known Christian interpolation. Christians were so desperate to invent a secular source for Jesus's life they forged Josephus's work. This is even more astounding considering the vast miracles attributed to Jesus. If even one of them was true there would be accounts of it every where. the Talmud speaks of 40 different Jesuss and is often considered nothing more then an attempt by the Rabbi's at Jewish polemics against christian missionaries, because none of the 40 Jesuss even closely describe the Christian Jesus. All over sources such as Pliny the Young and Tacitus describe Christians, meaning the followers of Jesus, not the man himself.


jewish historian josephus and roman historian tacitus both mention the life of jesus in their text the quran even mentioned jesus a prophet with supernatural powers from allah along with the nativity story and ressurection

im a christian and simple things like this is a greater reason to believe in jesus

Lucy Wain

I believe the majority of literature then that contained accounts of Jesus were destroyed just like the killing of the Christians, trying to totally wipe out Jesus and His existence.
I know I could not have the faith, grace and peace that I have now if Jesus did not exist. How can one man's short life still be so 'gargantuan' an influence on such a vast majority of people if He does not truly exist even now at the right hand of God?
People believe in so many other happenings and peoples from the past based on historical and secular writings that have less evidence of existence than Jesus. I never could understand that.

Joao Jose Fernandes

Faith is a gift from God. The evidence is the testimony of the disciples like Peter, Paul of Tarsus, Christians who gave their lives in the Coliseum of Rome. These people were closer than me in time and I do not think that would give their lives for a lie.
On the other hand I have seen wonderful works in the Name of Jesus and more, I have felt in my life events that can only be explained by the intervention of the Lord whom I thank every day and will do forever.
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