I'm basically a good person and I'm very happy with my own religion, so why should I believe in Jesus?

To tell you the truth, if everyone were good in God's sight, nobody would need Jesus and we wouldn't be spending our efforts making web sites like this one.

The psalmist long ago said that there is no one that does good, not even one."1 Oh, to be sure, most of us aren't murderers or thieves or anything like that. We like to think of ourselves as respectable, with no need for major changes in our lives. Yet the picture the Scriptures present is that even the best of us is desperately sinful, deeply alienated from God, from each other and even from ourselves.

The problem of mankind, according to the Bible, is precisely that we are "happy with our own religion," "happy with what we believe." Usually what we believe is not what the Scriptures teach. We're happy to think that we're good, that surely God will overlook our "little" mistakes and shortcomings and that He isn't really serious about our sins. We're happy to place our own wills and desires at the center of our private universe, rather than making the will and the desires of our Creator primary.

But God is serious about our sin. As Jews we tend to think that sin is exclusively a matter of committing individual acts. But sin is much more than that. The Scriptures show us that sin is a condition of human existence which does not pertain to a particular act, but rather to an attitude, one of arrogance and rebellion. The best of men, like Abraham, Moses and King David, all committed acts of sin. The prophet Isaiah said, "We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way."2 This righteous prophet indicated that it is only human for each man, himself included, to seek self-fulfillment rather than to seek to fulfill the precepts of God. King David said that his sin was a condition from birth.3 Sin is universal--that's why the Day of Atonement is universally observed among Jewish people as the most solemn of all holidays. And that's why God provided a way of forgiveness, beginning with the Old Testament animal sacrifices and culminating in the death of the Messiah. Our responsibility is to respond in faith and to place our trust in Jesus as our atonement. We must return to a view of life centered in God's way of looking at things, rather than in our own preferences.

We really are sinful in the depths of our being, and all the education, affluence and technology in the world hasn't changed that; it's only enabled us to express our rebellion in a more sophisticated fashion. Jesus really did come in history, really did die and really did rise from the dead. All the objections in the world and all the ignoring of the evidence won't make that reality go away. Perhaps your attitude is that of the skeptic who said, "I won't believe--and don't confuse me with the facts!" But God really does hold us responsible for facing the facts about ourselves, and accepting His offer of forgiveness through Jesus.

In a word, you should believe in Jesus, not because it will make you happy, but because it's true.

  1. Psalm 14:3
  2. Isaiah 53:6
  3. Psalm 51:5

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I serously believe you must all reconsider your position. Our brethern were killed for millenia because of our Jewishness, and you people want to deny us our G-d and our religion. WE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS BUT JEWS!!! We believe in haShem, the Only G-d. How can you say Jesus is the Mashiach at all- he is not of david's line, we are not in a messianic age, the Bet HaMikidash has not been rebuilt. You should all go to your nearest Shul, beg forgiveness from HaShem, and begin to rediscover ur Jewishness, because ur only preaching a pseudo-Judaism.


Why do you say Yeshua is not of the line of David? He is presented as such in the NT.

Dr. Carl S. Hale

Wonderful article-you speak the truth in love. We all want to interject our own views of who and what God is--yet His revelation of His Son Jesus Christ shows that He has the final word. He is the true Messiah and we are his sheep. His sheep hear his voice and recognize Him, and He will not lose even one of His sheep! Praise Jesus! May He bless you all with joy and peace for sharing His truth.

Yehudi Amiti

As the son of an Auschwitz survivor and one who lived in Israel and served in a combat unit, I find your organization and the work you do as bad or worse than the Nazis or Hamas/Islamic Jihad and the like. For centuries we have been persecuted and murdered and still are for being Jewish. For centuries we have been murdered in the name of that despicable being. My mother and all of her extended family were in Auschwitz. Only she survived. Now, you come at us with smiles but your intent is the same. To me you are the enemy just like Hamas and Islamic Jihad and yes, the Nazis. Shame on you. You are disgusting


You believe in Jesus so you are a Christian. You are not Jewish. It's that simple.

Trevor Hughes

We need Jesus because we (Jews and Goyim) are full of error from birth. Without the guiding presence of the Ruach ( the reward for belief) our error becomes iniquity and rebellion against God.(haShem). There is one standard for both Jew and gentile and it is found in Michah 6:8. How we can practice true Mishpat without Jesus is beyond me . Sin perverts the passion of all men so how can we love and revere chesed without returning to a right standing with haShem ? AKA a relationship with Jesus
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