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Debra Hancock

I'm a Jew, I married a Gentile, from what I've heard from Churches and Church goers is that, People can love the Jews and have and speak in ingnorance. First the Religious Leaders kept Traditional Jews Away from Jesus, the History of Anti Semitism further kept them there, Today wrong Church doctrine about Jewish people has cemented Jews to be kept away from Jesus it may not be by burning down a village it's just words repeated in Church sermons, where Pugroms started from. Even if no one is going to ram sack a Jews house in this country now after going to Church, If Jews are ever to come to Christ, there is a need for Jews to be gently instructed but there is a far greater need for Gentiles to be gently instructed to understand where the Jewish people are coming from and to weigh their words.Jews for Jesus affiliating them selves with the Christian Community may be effective in this area.


I think that one passage in the bible talking about how GOD will those who bless his chosen people and GOD will curse those who curse his chosen people (Jewish People) and through them all the nations will be blessed
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