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Debra Hancock

Those Disloyal Jews, Jews Behaving Badly: I go to a Gentle Church, My Husband's a Gentile. If any one has gone to a Gentile Church not one of the ones that has a softer opinion about us,. You will hear even when Jew were Martyrs and Heros of the faith them portrayed as cowards disloyal leaglists and all ways rejecters of Jesus. Why is there a need to have all the Jews as the Villains in the Jesus story, If it doesn't relay to scripture. Like the Church of Jerusalem. Question why are the Pharisees referred to as the Jews, and the folks in the Church of Jerusalem are called Christians never Jews? Did it ever occur to any one all the Jews had to do to end persecution is renounce Jesus. Did they No!!! The Jews on Palm Sunday are usually explained away that they were at the Execution, yelling Crucify him? Days later with out any knowledge he was going to be arrested. Jews are never portrayed in a good light, when it applies in the Bible This keeps Jesus away form Jesus.
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