Why We Believe Jews Need Jesus

Why Jews Need Jesus

What happens when the most loving thing you can do is tell someone something they do not want to hear?

This is exactly the issue with Jewish evangelism. Our Jewish people do not want to hear the gospel; many think they know what we are going to say and have already decided it does not apply to them. The most loving thing we can do is to tell them, as carefully as possible, what Jesus has done for them. Yet many Christians are finding it difficult to believe that Jews really do need Jesus. Why?

The Jewish people have walked a long road of persecution. Sadly, church history has been a major intersection on that road. Christians are becoming increasingly aware of that history, and of the fact that some who claimed to represent Jesus used His name to commit atrocities against the Jewish people. Many Christians are now deeply sensitized to anything that smacks of anti-Semitism. As Jews for Jesus, we are grateful for that sensitivity, especially when it leads people to be extra tactful and loving in sharing the gospel.

At the same time, some Christian friends have taken their sensitivity in a different direction. They have concluded that Jewish people do not need Jesus, and that it is unkind and arrogant—even anti-Semitic—to suggest that they do. In many cases, these conclusions are drawn from discussions with Jewish friends whose opinions these Christians greatly value.

And yet Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me" (John 14:6). We believe that accepting Christ's claims means accepting the privilege and the burden of communicating His claims to others, even if they are insulted by the prospect.

In Romans 11, the Apostle Paul spoke of a partial hardening, a spiritual blindness that has come to the people of Israel. If the Bible is not God's truth for us, such talk about blindness and hardening is demeaning. But if the Bible is true, the reality is that Jewish people as a whole are committed to disbelieving the gospel because they cannot, at this point in history, see the truth. Paul says this "partial blindness" is not complete, nor is it permanent. Most people know that Jesus' first followers were Jewish, and that the first Christian missionaries were "converted Jews" preaching the gospel to Gentiles. Yet, in a sense, they were not converted Jews—they were converted sinners who happened to be Jewish. And they remained Jewish, never renouncing their heritage or the faith of their ancestors. They were part of a believing remnant of Jews whom God is calling to follow Jesus. We Jews for Jesus are part of that believing remnant, and God is blessing our efforts to add to that remnant.

As Jews who believe in Jesus, we sympathize with those who feel offended by the gospel, yet we do not accept the notion that it is offensive to tell Jewish people about Jesus. We Jews who have found faith and everlasting life in Jesus recall how we once felt. Most of us considered anyone who confronted us with the gospel a minor annoyance at best, if not a major aggravation. Now we thank God for those who cared enough to tell us what we did not wish to hear.

Our mission is not to intrude. It is simply to call attention to the Savior in ways that Jewish people cannot dismiss as being for someone else. We believe it is possible to draw attention to Jesus in respectful, loving and good-natured ways.

We are grateful for the many Christians who stand with us and are willing to face discomfort for the sake of Christ, and for their concern to see Jewish friends heaven bound. Still, the controversial nature of our cause makes it difficult for us to gain the friendship and support of many Christians who feel it's not polite to tell people who have their own religion that they need Jesus.

We do not buttonhole or force people to converse with us. Once we present people with an invitation to interact with our message—be it a gospel tract, a billboard, a gospel ad or even a phone call—they can choose to avoid, embrace or seek further information about Jesus.

How does the Jewish community respond to Jews for Jesus?

We have organized opposition that, oddly enough, encourages us. Our opposition points to the fact that more and more Jews are coming to faith in Jesus. We are honored to be "blamed," but God deserves the credit. We lift up Jesus, but He alone can draw Jews and Gentiles to Himself.

Since we are highly visible, many Jewish leaders have denounced our organization. Many attempt to "de-legitimize" us. Some do so by alleging that we are a cult or an exotic new religion. Most will say we are dishonest and disingenuous for refusing to give up our Jewish identity since they believe anyone who believes in Jesus cannot be Jewish. In part, their attempts to undermine our credibility are intended to keep Jewish seekers away from us. However, our opposition also understands that we depend upon the friendship and support of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Statements undermining the integrity of Jewish evangelism in general and Jews for Jesus in particular drive a wedge between us and many members of Christ's Body.

How successful is your opposition?

When it comes to keeping Jewish people from hearing us, our opposition mostly affects those who are not prepared to "go against the flow." Frankly, Jewish people who would seriously consider Jesus are already questioning religious authorities and realizing they must investigate certain issues for themselves. Some may initially be leery of Jews for Jesus because of things they have heard. Yet when the time comes, chances are they will find out for themselves who we are and what we believe.

Ironically, our opposition seems to have more success within the Church. It has become increasingly popular among liberal and even among some not-so-liberal Christians to say that Jews have salvation apart from Christ. Therefore, they say that evangelizing Jewish people is an unnecessary, even un-Christian, endeavor. This is what happens when Christians view the Great Commission through the eyes of unbelieving friends and colleagues.

Whereas empathy for the sensitivities of Jewish people is appreciated, it becomes tragic when allowed to take the place of a Bible-based philosophy of missions. How can one surmise from Scripture that it is insulting to speak to Jews of the love of Jesus, who came as a Jew? How can it be insulting to tell of the great sacrifice He made for all people? How can it be insulting to offer the abundant life He gives?

Unbelieving Jewish people who are willing to go against the flow to explore the gospel have a sense of what is at stake—their own salvation. Unfortunately, for some Christians, the friendship or respect of unsaved Jewish people seems to determine their view of Jewish evangelism. Saying that Jesus is the only way to salvation would mean risking rejection. Further, a Christian leader who publicly endorses Jews for Jesus may draw quite a bit of fire, and few are willing to do so over this issue. As Jews who are for Jesus, we have no choice but to make the statements and take the fire.

If we were not convinced that Jesus is the only way of salvation, we would not have given up the respect and acceptance of the Jewish community. Since we are convinced that the salvation of our people is at stake, we have to reach out and take the risk.

We are looking for more people who are willing to take the risk with us.

Please prayerfully consider the cause of Jewish evangelism and ways to be involved: perhaps through finances, prayer, talking to your pastor about having one of our speakers, or maybe even volunteer work. We will gladly send more information about these opportunities.

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I do like this posting! Really!
But at the same time I feel that it might be the best choice if believing Jews tell the gospel to their own fellow jews. Doing so many arguments that gojim believers have to tackel don't need to be tackled at all. I therefore want to bless all of you who tell the message of Yeshua to your fellow jews! Peter went to the jews to be a servant to the jews! Do so all of you! We want to bless you doing so!
Paul as a roman citizen got the special mission to tell the gospel to the gentiles. They/we have to pass it on to other gentiles. But of course, when God sends a jew on my life path I will try to tell him that I love the jews because of one very special JEW!


The bible fortells that the nation of Israel will never pass away. This "mission" of yours is doomed to failure. Sorry.

Rich Robinson

Exactly right, God will preserve the Jewish people. But why? Why is there a Jewish people in the first place? To be a light to the nations. And through the Jewish people, God sent the Messiah for Jews and for those of all other peoples. Following Jesus means salvation for Jews and others, exactly the opposite of destruction.


Pathetic. Christians mistranslate the Jewish bible and tell lies. Jesus is a big confidence trick

Candy Cabrera

Quoting Mark:
Pathetic. Christians mistranslate the Jewish bible and tell lies. Jesus is a big confidence trick

Mark, have you read Isaiah chapter 53: how he died for our sins?? no, have you read Isaiah 9:6 no. John 3:16,17,18. no, that is why you say the wrong things you said, against Jesus Christ.


This comment has been deleted by Administrator


This comment has been deleted by Administrator

Candy Cabrera

Dear Th Paul was a Jew, from the tribe of Benjamin, and He was sent to Gentiles too, So just as Jesus the Jewish Messiah said, Go to all and preach the Gospel, he who believes, is save, He who does not believe is condemned. So The Jewish people need Jesus too, and the Gentiles also, Some will hate us, some will love us, is okay. The real Chieftains love the Jews and Gentiles, .People that are not of God and Jesus, hate Jews, and hate Gentiles, hate Christians. God bless you.


This comment has been deleted by Administrator

Robert Wright

I am a Christian baptist who is very spiritual. I research many religions and look for truths. No religion has everything perfect. Each and every person needs Jesus including the Jewish people. In fact since Jewish people are the chosen people, it is of the utmost importance for Jews to come to Jesus. Jesus taught many wonderful things while also upholding all of the laws God gave to Moses. He only expanded upon those laws by being more specific. I have seen what the power of Jesus can do. I know a Nigerian Minister who drives demons away in Jesus Holy Name. Demons have gotten more clever in their approach to attacking people than in Jesus day but that does not decrease their prevalence! Demons were tormenting me in my dreams. I needed Medication to get to sleep! 2 kinds! Now I sleep like a baby on account of Jesus teachings to his disciples that we can draw upon his holy name to trample the serpents beneath our feet. I plan on donating to your cause because I believe in it that much.


Jesus could not have kept all the laws of Moses. One of the laws is for a woman to immerse in a mikvah after her menstral period. Did Jesus do this?

Belinda Elisabeth Pi

We are Papua ,pray and standing with Israel. we pray to recovery Israel.

Belinda Elisabeth Pi

We are christian people from Papua.
We pray and standing with Israel .We pray for recovery to Israel.


I almost was interested in browsing a little- but that holocaust movie was disgusting. Are you kidding?
what could you possibly hope to achieve by that? and what was even the meaning of it?????? it was so stupid that I can never be bothered with you again- just a tip in case you want to know the effect of that stupidity. It's also deeply offensive!!!


Greetings: I donate to J4J from time to time as I realize the time is short! I know you believers are the most effective in dealing with jewish people because you know where they are coming from.You even have an affect on gentiles.I receive a lot of mail asking me for donations for political causes as well as Christian organizations.I don't know how much time we have left but will continue to donate.Also pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of the people in Jerusalem and in Israel.I want you to know the IDF is very admired here in the US! There are also believing jewish people in the IDF as well as believing arabs.You are doing a great job.Wish I had your tenacity! Blessings in Yeshua!!

Elton Robb


I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'd like to say that I'm happy that Jews for Jesus exist and I'll have to give my verbal support.

According to Joseph Smith, the whole Jewish Nation will convert to Christianity after seeing Jesus on the Mount of Olives. After that, he will claim the new Temple for his own.

That does not mean that you should stop, however. Keep on going to the Jews here in America as well as in Israel.


(NKJV) 2 Thessalonians 2:
v3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, v4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God[c] in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

It is antichrist who will be seating in the 3rd temple.


God bless you and your endeavors. Indeed Paul gives his heart and soul to call the Judean people from the old covenant as given to Moses...to the new covenant, basically the gospel (good news) pertaining to Jesus Christ and God's grace by faith. Time and time again Romans and the Book of Hebrews explains to the Judeans how Jesus came to fulfill the law administration and usher in Grace by faith in Jesus Christ. For the Bible believer, it is very clear. Consider contacting existing strong Christian organizations that believe as you do...the Word declares, "God is no respecter of persons" Consider that within their organizations and conferences they can help and promote your organization. Stand WITH other Christians. Consider Andrew Wommack ministries, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince...all strong on Grace by faith in Jesus Christ.

Lee Merriweather

I regret that some if not all the so-called ministers that you listed are what true and knowing Christians refer to as "prosperity" preachers!!! Their god is really money and therefore every move that they make, no matter how sincere on the surface, is toward securing more of their littles gods!! They are opportunistic by nature and I sincerely believe that they are truly lost being, in reality, idolators!!!


This comment has been deleted by Administrator

Candy Cabrera

Quoting Lee Merriweather:
I regret that some if not all the so-called ministers that you listed are what true and knowing Christians refer to as "prosperity" preachers!!! Their god is really money and therefore every move that they make, no matter how sincere on the surface, is toward securing more of their littles gods!! They are opportunistic by nature and I sincerely believe that they are truly lost being, in reality, idolators!!!

DEAR LEE, lost as you? you said all, may I say this to you, not all the Jewish people worshiped the gold Idol, in Moses times, But few did not. Same with the Christians, some are false some are real Christians, They keep the whole bible they believe in God and Jesus His Son, they will not worship Idols.

P. Marie

I am thrilled that this site exists. Many people need to understand that the Jews are God's heritage, his chosen people. I am a Catholic, but I firmly believe that the reconciliation of the Jews with Our Savior Jesus Christ is essential to all of mankind's survival in the end times.


Can Jews4Jesus mention the actual name of our Creator (tetragrammaton)? And can a uncircumcised gentile become a member of Jews4Jesus? Thank you in advance.

Candy Cabrera

Quoting Luke:
Can Jews4Jesus mention the actual name of our Creator (tetragrammaton)? And can a uncircumcised gentile become a member of Jews4Jesus? Thank you in advance.

Luke, there are many uncircumcised Jews too, But many of them have God and Jesus in their heart, they are save.Hallelujah. The law of Moses was given by Our God, the God of the whole world, Because of the wicked hearts of the people.


I just came across this page & am thrilled to see that a group such as yours exists! I'm not sure what I can do to help, but I will be praying for your efforts in the meantime.
While trying to explain to my husband that there are actual Jews who believe that Jesus is the Son of God & our Lord & Savior, I came across a site (stating that it is the best place to go for all things Jewish), the actual beliefs stated there (about Jesus & why they don't believe He is the Messiah) shocked me when the implications became apparent. Their "Messiah" that they're waiting for, along with the events surrounding his coming, ring true to the attributes of the Anti-Christ and the New World Order! People who don't know better will be deceived by the "World Peace & Harmony" facade, which we know will be false and will usher in the Anti-Christ. Like a comment below states, the son of perdition must first be revealed before the true 2nd coming of our Messiah, Jesus Christ.
God Bless you all!


Since you mention wold peace and harmony i am of the understanding that you are talking about the meeting in September 23rd with the UN and The Papacy new world order ?
did you know it is also culminates with the feast of trumpets and the last blood moon ?... Just saying !

Samuel Allen


Candy Cabrera

Dear Samuel, I am Evangelical Christian, I am a Christian, I don't worship Idols of wood, they are dead I don't worship Marry also, she did not want me to do that, she is not God. I pray to God in the name of my precious Savior Jesus Christ and He is Spirit not Idol, not wood or cement. Read the old testament, Isaiah chapter 53: he died for our sins. Isaiah chapter 7: 14. Isaiah 9:6. John 3: 16,17,18. Then Speak, because you don't know what you are saying. The Torah, and the New Testament says, is abomination to worship Idols. Study about the difference between Roman Catholicism, and the Evangelical Christians from Jesus and the apostols, from 2016 years ago, may i say this to you, for your knowledge, all were Jews, all the first Christians. God bless you. With out Jesus no one can get to God the Father.


You're right, Sister! Mary would not want you to worship her, she would want you to worship her Son, like she did! :) Ever since the Incarnation she accepted God's holy Will for herself and the whole world that God the Father was sending His Son to redeem us... she was the very first person to love Jesus in her heart, and she lovingly took care of him in her own self and home. As His first disciple, she truly accepted Jesus as her personal Savior, and thought only of glorifying Him: The Canticle of Mary. Luke 1:46: "Mary said: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord;my spirit rejoices in God my savior. For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness; behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed. The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is his name. His mercy is from age to age to those who fear him...He has helped Israel his servant, remembering his mercy, according to his promise to our fathers, to Abraham and to his descendants forever.”

Paul James

I believe I am a spiritual Jew by being a Christian. Yet I am still bewildered by the thought. What am I to do now? I can talk about what I believe only, if asked about my belief. I have no church affiliation. Paul


there truly are Jewish roots to the one/ holy/ universal/ apostolic Church Christ founded, because Jesus was and is the fulfillment of the Jewish Old Testament's prophecies for the Messiah...He is the New Adam, the Lamb of God, the New Manna in the desert (in other words, the Bread of Life from John's Gospel Ch.6. Christ has the words of Eternal Life, to whom else can we go?) Stick with Jesus, my brother! He loves you, He will guide you and teach you. Remember the rich young man in Mark 10(17-31)...his question to our Lord God was: “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Then Jesus' insightful comeback was: “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone. " ... I wondered about that reply for a long time, meditating on the scripture about it...finally it dawned on me...Jesus is not denying that He's God (the Son of God... after all, He confirms to Peter that He is the Messiah in several passages). I think Jesus is checking the man's understanding. Follow Jesus!:)


I think that sharing Christ (as long as it's: lovingly, truthfully, gently, scripturally, prayerfully) is not anti-Semitic, because Christ himself was Jewish, and he can not be against himself, being sent from the Father to both Jews and Gentiles, out of love for the whole world, not suddenly against the chosen people loved by God and entrusted with the Commandments and Torah. Plus his mother was Jewish, and she loved him more than anybody else in the world, from the very moment she heard his name spoken of by the angel Gabriel, she loved him in her heart, as his first disciple to accept him personally, and the one to literally care for him, know him, listen to him, and present him to us, according to her/our Father's good plan of salvation. To believe in and love the Messiah is void of both the spirit of the antichrist as well as void of anti-Semitism. The family that Christ grew up in was a very holy and observant Jewish family, presenting him in the temple, & celebrating Passover.:)


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This comment has been deleted by Administrator

Doug Cox

I think it would be more than honor, and so much joy to be a chosen race and child of God, you first than us.The only Jew I have ever met, is Jesus himself, no other. But for your subject, all, even Jews have to except Jesus Christ to go to heaven. God's words are all knowledge and complete love complete. God Bless

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