40th Anniversary

Forty years ago, a movement of God’s Holy Spirit was sweeping this nation. TIME Magazine dubbed it “the Jesus Revolution” as thousands of young people were finding new life in Jesus. Many of those young people were Jewish. That extraordinary phenomenon gave birth to Jews for Jesus, which was ably led by veteran Jewish missionary Moishe Rosen until he passed the baton in 1996.

 I recently reread the vision statement I presented at the start of my tenure as executive director. I’ve been encouraged and humbled to see all that God has done to help us realize that vision, especially regarding increased outreach in Israel, increased opportunities via the Internet, and raising up the next generation of Jews for Jesus.

As we enter our 40th year, who knows what God will do or where He will take us? I feel the same optimism and enthusiasm I did in ’96, and can say now as I did then, the best is yet to come! The best songs have yet to be recorded, the best books have yet to be written, the best literature has yet to be developed, and the best methods of outreach have yet to be employed in proclaiming the gospel.

- David Brickner


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