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Jews for Jesus missionaries are the heartbeat of our ministry. They are the people who minister face to face with Jewish seekers. Though we have no "job description," our missionaries do whatever it takes to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide.

Our missionaries are all evangelists. We hand out broadsides (tracts) and make contact in many different ways with Jewish people. Some will tell us, "You should be ashamed of yourselves!" Some will ask us, "Does your mother know you're doing this?" But more and more, we are hearing, "Jews for Jesus!? I want to know more about what you believe." You can be part of what God is doing among our Jewish people.

We spend the bulk of our time in one-to-one meetings with Jewish seekers and newer Jewish believers who need encouragement in their walk with God. Each missionary is also part of a branch, a ministering family. Each one has a part in branch activities from High Holiday services to weekly Bible studies, as well as a role in our banquets and Ingatherings. We value creativity in our staff and encourage our missionaries to use whatever talents they have in music, drama, or writing in proclaiming the gospel. We like to view our missionaries as being servants --they serve the Lord and serve one another doing whatever it takes to make Christ known among our people. At the bottom line, being a missionary means stepping out in courageous faith and taking risks for God.

Before someone can be accepted on staff, he or she must be voted upon by a council of senior missionaries. Our council meetings occur three times each year. We interview all applicants and usually decide at that time whether or not to accept them. Once accepted, a new missionary is trained in New York City and then assigned to one of our branches.

Missionaries must be Jewish believers in Jesus (or married to one). To qualify for missionary staff, you must have a college degree. Training classes at our New York branch begin twice a year in January and September. The initial term of service for missionary staff is 18 months. Positions are salaried, though missionaries raise support to maintain their own ministry fund.

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